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Tidal waves and Titles
September 28, 2009, 3:29 am
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Here are my besties forever (minus one), all in our matching uni’s and first place medals! We worked hard and we won our main event at our very first regatta, beating the next closest boat by nearly 4 minutes on a 5km course. That was my weekend in a nutshell: complete awesomeness plus a lot of hours in a charter bus.

Despite the fact that my torso is longer than two seats in that darn bus, I still managed to curl up, legs sprawled all over the wall and my chin tucked down into my pillow, and get some much needed shut eye. Homework? That waited until today when I actually felt motivated… lie.

I was not motivated in the least bit to get anything done today. My weekend needed to be extended. Is it wrong to pray for some kind of natural disaster to hit campus and close down school for just one day? Well, eventually I buckled down and managed to finish some stuff, but my to-do list is still a mile long this week. We’re just going to play things by ear, hoping my time management skills make an appearance.



Funny Story
September 10, 2009, 9:34 pm
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Since working on my english paper doesn’t exactly sound like something I’d like to do right now, I’m wasting time I don’t have surfing the net. That’s when I came upon this:

How many cannibals could your body feed?

You know, it’s a funny story how I came to click on this link. Way back in the summer of 2009 I was a cannibal. Not fo’ reals. Just your run of the mill, everyday, summer camp cannibal. It all started with a simple statement to my fellow counselors regarding a book I was reading about the 1970’s Ande’s plane crash survivors and then it turned into campers thanking me at the end of their weeks for me not eating them (see top left corner… and yes my camp name was Sweet D)


Since camp counselors lie to their kids, it was fun to tell them that the 6’3″ girl over there that lifts weights an ungodly number of times during the week likes to eat kids- but only if they’re causing trouble.

Anyways. I can feed 23 cannibals. How about you?

Up! up and away
August 29, 2009, 4:15 am
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What a relief it is that it’s Friday! A big round of auplase is due my way, I just finished the first week of classes of my sophomore year.  This week is always stressful and I always can’t wait for my  life to become routine again. (Life seems to go much more smoothly when I know what’s going to happen) It looks like my schedule will be pretty busy, per usual, but fun and exciting!

Most of my classes are on MWF… I’m busy from 6am-6pm with a little break here and there. TuTh are almost completely free! I’ve only had 2 days to try it out and it has been so nice to be able to just sit down and finish my homework all in one sitting. Hmm, maybe that’s not so nice seeing as I usually have hours of homework to do…

I’m fine with homework just so long as I can have some fun now and then. Thursday night was definitely fun and just what I needed. The school hosted their anual club fair thingy and I got to sit at a table and represent FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).  Afterwards I got to go to Cru participate in some awesome worship, which was just what I needed- to reconnect- after a tough week.

Other things that make me happy, the movie Up!. It is so, so, so adorable and hilarious. There is an army of talking dogs, a house that flies to South America with the aid of helium filled balloons, and a really sweet old man. I highly reccomend it!

Back to school…
August 25, 2009, 8:44 pm
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Homework on the first day. Man, oh man. How in the goodness gracious am I supposed to write a 2 page paper where I “discuss your self-identity and the factors that influence what it means to be an individual”??? That right there is more like a 4 page paper. Or maybe 2 different papers? Homework can be quite… frustrating at times. That’s why I’m glad to have my friends. Without them I would surely loose my mind (somewhere along Mid-Campus Drive, probably).

Although yesturday was a crazy day filled with meetings, exercise, and class I still found time to hang out with the girls a bit. Two of my friends K and B turned 20 this weekend so we got together for dinner and cake. Here is an unatractive picture of the birthday girls blowing out the candles on the cake:



Count Down: 3 days
August 22, 2009, 3:58 am
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OMG it’s like totally only like 3 days until school starts.

Summer, where have you gone? Maybe these guys know:

Man, I wish I had that kind of time on my hands? Well, today I did- but I didn’t do anything productive with it. Wait. I lied. I went and got my books. But first I went and picked up my coupon for my books.


From bottom to top those are my books for Business Statistics, Modern Era (history/yuck!), Intro to Literature in Spanish, Expository Writing/ENGL 100, and Spanish Civilization. YAY- not. Amazon is shipping me 2 books since the bookstore didn’t pull them for me. They can reimburse me later. In total, my books were cheap this semester. One of my roommates on the other hand, oh my. She’s got books up to her eyeballs. The store had to give her two bags to carry them in. It’s a good thing we drove there.

We got to the bookstore right on time. Everyone and their dog showed up right after us. I think it’s because rush week just finished and today the dorms opened if you wanted to move in early. Tomorrow they open for good. The plan is to help one of my friends move in. This girl:

alysa and adria picnic

Although this picture is from forever and a half ago… we’re still good friends. She was supposed to come hang out tonight (and watch a very good movie, 17 Again)but she’s currently staying as a guest to her now roommate to avoid a fee for early move-in. Silly girl.

Now it’s time for bed. After a summer of crazy sleep schedules it’s time to get back to normality :/

On the mend
August 21, 2009, 1:11 am
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This morning my best friend and I woke up a bit earlier than would be college-kosher: 8:30, and went to lift weights. The reason? We probably should. Back to the story. While there, in the little shoe changing place we have set up, we were changing our shoes. Out of slides and flip flops and into socks and tennies. Suddenly (!!!) somebody walked into the quite-empty-of-human-life weight room. Apparently he used to go to school here and thought my friend was somebody he knew from school back in the day. She wasn’t. It was all a rather odd and awkward conversation involving him reading our routine and saying how this will make us loose our booties. Oh my… sometimes I just don’t know how to respond to people, haha.

After an eventful morning I went back home. Home sweet home. It was now time to do laundry. How did I know this you may ask? Well, I have had to wear the same teal-ish running shorts for the 2nd or 3rd day in a row. When I start running out of clothes to wear, that’s when it’s time to wash some more.  Now let me tell you, going to a new place to do laundry can be a bit stressful. It is for me, anyways. As far as I can tell the washer takes less than 45 minutes and the dryer takes more than 40 minutes. In the process of doing laundry I was able to organize my dresser a bit more and sort out my Tshirts.


See all my laundry hanging up… more like all of my shorts and a few other items, like a lunch box/bag. Now, I want you to look at the dresser. See how small it is. There is now way all of my Tshirts could fit in there in addition to my other clothes that are in there. You may be wondering… TG how do you store all of your Tshirts? The answer is underbed storage!


 On the left I keep all of my colored shirts. Cookie monster is staring at you… And on the right I keept all of my white, gray and black shirts. I suppose I could tell you that there is one more bin under my bed. But I won’t need that stuff until it gets cold!

Oh! I still need to tell you why doing my laundry was so important. When I went down to the laundry room (because my complex has one) I could smell stuff. You know that old, basement-y, laundry room smell? Yah, I could smell that. After finishing my chores I decided since it was already 1pm that it was time for a shower. Got that done and decided that I should use some saline nasal spray stuff like my doctor told me to. So I start pouring this stuff down my nose… and realize that I grabbed the Afrin. Haha… silly TG. So I blew my nose and tried to rinse with the saline stuff because my nose is needing a hiatus from Afrin after being used for 5 days. Right now I think that I’m starting to feel better. That’s good.

THE Life
August 20, 2009, 4:41 am
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Today could have been described as one of those “this is the life” kind of days. I slept in until 10. I lounged around for most of the day (for a reason)… and I only had to leave the apartment once to get a bunch of free stuff:


See that bag… free. Kindly given to me by a leprechaun. My favorite items are the fitted tees and two pairs of tennies. Now mind you, this duffel bag could fit a small child into it and it was rather full when I got it. Don’t let the size of the shoes fool you- I have big feet.

Anyways. My morning was spent going through my bag-o-goodies and trying not to die. I’m dreadfully sick, you see. Here are just a few of the pills I’ve been popping like candy:


That right there would be more of a nighttime cocktail… because of the benadryl to help me sleep through the awful coughing that those yellow things are supposed to stop. I think the most pills I’ve taken at once would be 11 so far. Don’t worry, I’ve checked interactions. I’m good.  You see, at this point this bug is extremely irritating. We’re going on 19 days here, folks. It’s gotten to the point where I judge my bedtime by the next time I can take Sudafed. My nightstand looks like a pharmacy!

Despite my not feeling well I have still tried to remain interested in life… One of my roommates forwarded this to me. It’s super sweet!