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Hello! You may call me TG (tall girl)… I’m the person who writes all the stuff on this here blog. (and fyi, I’m the blonde in the picture) I am currrently a student at a major university were I am studying Spanish with hopes to later go on to dental hygiene school ( or at least that’s the flavor of the month). During my spare moments I enjoy napping, reading, and watching movies. Rarely do I get to do those things though… I am quite busy with athletic endeavours, school, and other organizations.

There is one activity that I wish that I could tell you more- but then I’d have to kill you! Just kidding. I’m just not allowed to talk about it . You may have questions about it- but I won’t answer. With all of the joy inside of me i will tell you, “No way, Jose.”

Despite one of the my main topics of  being taken banned from here I will try my hardest to keep you updated on other happenings in my life.

You will probably read about my other college adventures. I will keep you informed, don’t worry.


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very bogus!

For what its worth you can get about 1000 miles to a gallon of peanut oil if you bike .. maybe 350 to a gallon of Ben and Jerry’s (much tastier).

Good luck with your efforts!

– ‘came across hunting for some random things on Google. Oddly enough I know a gal taller than you – my friend Colleen is a bit over 6’6″ (she rounds down) and is a pro beach volleyball player.

Comment by steve

sigh – I commented in the wrong place. I meant the 8000 calorie requirement is bogus. Your efforts certainly aren’t!

keep it up and good luck!!!

Comment by steve

Thanks, I used to want to be a pro vb playa. but i still want to be 6’5″ 😉 oh and a gallon of ben a jerry’s- yummo! that’s about 6700 calories for a gallon of cookie dough flavor.

Comment by thattallgirl

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