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December 28, 2008, 2:14 am
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I have worked a total of 45 hours since last Saturday. That’s almost 3 times as much as I normally would when I’m home. But let me tell you, it hasn’t seemed like that much. Except for yesturday, when I worked a 9 hour shift, all on my feet because, you guessed it, I got a 2nd job. It’s retail.

What can I say? My feet hurt. If I wasn’t getting paid what I am I would cry myself to sleep everynight. Oh wait, that’s already begun.

Maybe I should just keep it at “I plan on keeping my office job” or “This is why I’m going to college because I don’t want to end up being Bon Qui Qui’s co-worker“:

Next week I’ll end up working about the same hours. It will be my last week of pergatory because hell will come with 2nd semester.


Mumbo Gumbo Jumbo
September 25, 2008, 1:54 am
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Oh baby, mama’s sore. Adding different athletic adventures to your life will do that I guess. It made it real interesting standing around in Chem lab. Especially since my drawer with all my glassware and stuff is almost on the floor it’s so low. It was a kinda boring lab too.

Now I’m sitting at study table, waiting for Mr. President to talk… Ok, he’s done talking. Dang, we in trouble. $700 Billion. Someone just told all of us that if you had $1 billion on the day Jesus was born (about 2000 years ago) and if you spent $1,000 every day since then you would still have half of it left now (I thought that was a really cool analogy, so I’m sharing it with you). There’s like what… 300 million citizens in the USA, that’s a couple thousand dollars for each person. I like work, but not it all of it goes to the government.

I guess all I keep thinking about is me entering the work force soon, buying a house in 10 years, and having some moolah for those late night ice cream cravings. No, really, it all makes me a bit nervous. Like more nervous than I am about finding out how well I did on my Spanish exam today.

It was a scary test. It was almost all responses in complete sentences. I guess that I don’t know my Spanish grammar as well as I had originally thought. I guess that’s why I’ll probably be taking the Spanish Composition and Grammar class next… that’s right folks, TG is entering the big girl classes.

I have the worst headache. It’s probably because I’ve been running all day long. I was so tired this morning that I came back to the room at lunch time and took a nap. When I get back after this I want to go straight to bed. I guess I better get crack-a-lackin’ on my homework. Not that I really have any.

August 28, 2008, 11:01 pm
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If you could only know how guilty I have felt not being able to update you on my extraordinarily fascinating life! I feel like I have abandoned each and every one of you for the last week or so due to the recent business of everything. Well, I am back and I have a few things to share (and a lot that I can’t say- but really really want to!)

Let’s do a recap of the last couple of days:

  • Friday: Move in day! Whahoo! I woke up at the norm: 8:30 and got ready like any other day. Mom eventually asked me to get moving. We packed everything that I had been hoarding in my room into the minivan and left for college. 2 hours later we’re in town and having lunch at Wendy’s. We met a retired prof. there… I think I’ve told you about this already! Anyways- I am going to try out his church this Sunday. After lunch we got checked in and all then worked on moving stuff in. Lots of stuff- but not as much as some people (omgosh!)
  • Saturday: Hung out with friends and moved stuff around. Just a very boring day in general. Well, I guess I did go to a church BBQ. It was small and we played some cool games… I feel like I’ve told you this already too! … but I’m too lazy to check.
  • Sunday: Got some meetings to go to. That I can’t tell you about… other than that they seemed to take up my day. Hung out with the roomie. She’s pretty cool (Hi!!!) But there’s kinda a time warp thing that happens when we go places together. It took us 30 minutes to walk to a meeting today. 30- isn’t walking around campus supposed to be easy?
  • Monday: 1st day of classes! Cool beans. Chem 1, Gen Psych, and Spanish 3- all from 10:30-2:20. Chem should be easy for a while. When I took it in h.s. I wanted to be a chemical engineer… not so much anymore, but I still have to take the class. In psych, I sit with at least one of my “co-workers”. By now I have seen about 10 people I went to h.s. with. Went to the book store (BUSY BUSY BUSY!)  tried to read some boring intro chem stuff and fell asleep.
  • Tuesday: After looking through the books that I got yesturday I decided to switch into Spanish 4- because I had already learned everything in Spanish 3 according to the syllabus and book. We ended up in a bit of a crisis though- I dropped down to 11 hours by doing that. We fixed is ASAP though. It’s all good now. This afternoon- since I don’t have classes on Tues and Thurs now (!!!) I went to Best Buy to exchange mi computadora porque the harddrive was bad. (I know- it’s not just me being picky, things are actually wrong with these computers) Cute Best Buy Boy- “CBBB” helped me out.
  • Wednesday: Went to the 1st day of real class and took real notes. I know, isn’t that cool? The Spanish prof talked a million miles an hour in Spanish. I was a bit intimidated at 1st but towards the end of class I was catching about 75-90% of what she said. Her hand motions really helped. I am going to learn SO much in that class- I’m super excited about what all will happen through that class. Oh and saw CBBB while walking to my 2nd class 😉 (haven’t seen gym boy yet 😦 ) By now I thought that I had seen everybody from my h.s. that was coming here…
  • Thursday: I was wrong- I saw 3 or 4 more people I hadn’t seen yet on campus. My roommates are beginning to wonder how many people i know. It’s gotten to the point where the people I’m seeing are like- wow, didn’t know you were coming here!- and the count is probably close to 30 or so… My 2nd day off. Woke up, did exciting stuff, came back, showered, studied, walked 20min to get my bike pass, walked 15min back. Studied, Went to A’s room with my suitemate. Then we went to lunch. I came back to A’s place and studied. Then M showed up- it’s her room too. We grabbed AH and went to the Union- where we saw CBBB again 😉 and a guy that looked like Sunshine/ sunnywhoever from Remember the Titans- the longer blonde hair. It was awkward- I looked over in AH’s general direction- eye contact, awkward! looked away-looked back to see what AH was doing- eye contact. Ok my story is done. I gotta go grab dinner, study, and do laundry/read. Then I will probably watch TV in the study room 2 doors down the hall- cuz it has cable. yeah, yeah.

My new room!
August 24, 2008, 5:37 pm
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I finally have some time to sit down and tell/show you all about my room. It’s pretty roomy actually. I think it’s a bit bigger than my room at home maybe- and I’m always getting comments from friends about how large a bedroom i have.

The layout is room, bathroom, room. So the 2 rooms are connected by a bathroom (shower and stool- or toilet- I’m using plumbing terminology here (because I miss my old job!)). Each room has a little counter unit with a sink, drawers on each side, and a medicine cabinet.

This is the inside of my door.

It is held open by this

(because I am cheap and for the moment, this works. it’s glacier freeze/berry flavored btw)

Now I need you to turn 180*. your back is to my door. You will look over my desk and at my bed then see my window:

Next I need you to step closer to my window so you can see outside.

I have a nice view of employee parking! And of one of the coed dorms. Dad said I need to make sure that I close my blinds every so often, if ya get my drift 😉

Turn to your right. Your back will be facing my bed.

If you step closer to the sink there will be a door to the bathroom. I have stuff like this posted up there:

Ok, now you need to come out of the sinks area and face the door. Look at my lovely closet!

My stuff is on the right, and in my desk/dresser, and under my bed.

I’d tell you about my roommate- but that would include talking about my job. And I can’t talk about it. So sad. Because I’m loving it, and wish I could share all of the interesting things.

My First Real Trip to Kohl’s

One fish

Two fish

Red fish

Blu… backpack!

Sorry, I couldn’t help but use the fishies as a shoe in to my new backpack when I saw this shirt. (thanks mom for hiding modeling!)

Now what gangsta wouldn’t want this Tshirt?

While at Kohl’s I got my school shopping done. They had an awesome clearance section- which had just the things I was looking for: (jersey?) knit skirts. I also got some tanks to wear at practice- they were $2.80 each. I know, I’m pretty awesome at finding deals.

I also got a new laptop today- since the pink dell ain’t workin so great. You can see it next to my new baby amongst my new computer garbage:

Yeah, it’s an HP. All my friends but one got HP’s. They all like theirs. Therefore: I got a new HP instead of another silly dell computer. Haha, it was very funny: Dad said, “Now you shouldnt have problems with this one. At least I hope.” Then I thought my baby didn’t come with a charger. Called Dad and bestbuy to complain. Then I found it. Then I couldn’t find my SD card slot. Called Dad to say it didn’t have one (it’s crucial to blogging you know!) then he found it. Then I tried to put in my extended batteru, but I couldn’t get it to fit. Had Dad work on it. Finally I was right: it was the wrong battery lol. Now I gotta figure out how to get the extended battery when it’s not in the stores yet since this is such a new computer and I leave town in a week- and its currently on sale for $60 off.

Now all I’m concerned about is loading the *edited out* security thingy. I might win an iPod if I do this before school! I’m all up for free stuff and deals so if you ever feel like sending me stuff, go right ahead.

*picture edited out*

Sorry for the long post. I think that it could be mainly attributed to my outstanding humor, so your eyes shouldn’t fall out just yet. I’m off to watch more swimming/ get ready for bed. I’m tired and have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. It will be my last saturday in town and last day of work/ saturday morning water aerobics.

August 10, 2008, 12:34 am
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I went to Mimi’s Cafe last night with the girls. After being ignored by our waiter for nearly 35 minutes we got a really cool waitress. She even took a group picture of us- but I prefer the one above (and since I’m the boss around here, this is the one I’ll post). Mostly we just caught up, since we haven’t really hung out all summer.

After Mimi’s we went to the park/skate park and played, like we used to do. Last night we hung out around the skating portion of the park, mainly inside of the bowl. That was super fun. You have to slide in- no jumping unless you’re insane. To get out, you have to have a running start, unless you’re me and can reach the ledge w/o trying.

Oh, I think I should add that I changed out of my dress before going to the park. Don’t want it to get dirty do we?

We stayed until about 10:30 and then the cops came. They reminded us what time the park closed, 30 minutes ago, and we rolled on outa there.

I have to say last night was much more fun than today was. After a grouling (sp??) water aerobics class filled with lap work I headed to work where I got to stare at 10 lbs (or maybe 15 lbs- it’s 3 weeks worth) of invoices i needed to file for 8 hours. Um, yah, didn’t finish those. Maybe next week… if I can get to them, of course. What? Last week’s my last week you say? Hmm, there’s not much I can do about that 😉

Mama Mia

Here we go again… mom keeps complaining about me 😛 . Guess what she told me? She said, “I bet half my problems will leave with you.” I know she’s joking but what’s a girl to do about major personality shifts that need to be finished in 2 weeks and 2 days (the time until I move into my new dorm room)? I could give you a list, but nothing in this world could get me to change. Nah, I was just joking, mom. I got you good though, haha.

Well, I guess that I might change my attitude if it meant that Dell would listen to me. Holy smokes, I actually tugged on my hair after I handed the phone over to dad, since I had alrerady haggled with technical support for 83.1 minutes. He managed the other 21.9 minutes. That’s right folks: a total of 105 minutes talking with Sam from India, where she learned english from “the start of school”.

Want to know what I was talking about with her? She said it was all things I should have talked to Dell about 2 months ago when I got this computer. Wthell. I am u p s e t.


Ok, onto happier topics… I got asked out recently (this hasn’t happened since 10th grade when/and I got stood up). By a complete stranger. Actually, his name is Jim; I know this from leaving him an angry voicemail after he called me twice (!!!) at 1 in the morning. He called me back soon saying over and over again how sorry he was. I told him, after at least 2 minutes of him repeating himself about his sorrifulness/sorrow, that he was forgiven. He called back 40 minutes later and told me “hey, I should probably make it up to you, for waking you up and all, and take you out to dinner sometime”. I said that wasn’t necessary. Miss A from work said that he probably meant, “make out with you” instead of “make it up to you”. I think she probably would have been right (oh no!).

Did you read about the recent study linking hott people to hott voices (yes, this is related)?? Well, not only did Jim sound like he was at least 30, he sounded, well, unatractive- but maybe that was because he was asking me out, him being an obvious creepster (btw I have an attractive voice to go along with my good looks so I KNOW this study is true 😉 ).

I guess there is the fact that I’m pretty sure that I attract wierdos. They tend to follow me in Wal-Mart especially. And honk their horn at me while I’m riding my bike in the park. And hit on me while I’m with my dad. And now they ask me out despite the fact that  I’m probably 2 feet taller than them.