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Count Down: 3 days
August 22, 2009, 3:58 am
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OMG it’s like totally only like 3 days until school starts.

Summer, where have you gone? Maybe these guys know:

Man, I wish I had that kind of time on my hands? Well, today I did- but I didn’t do anything productive with it. Wait. I lied. I went and got my books. But first I went and picked up my coupon for my books.


From bottom to top those are my books for Business Statistics, Modern Era (history/yuck!), Intro to Literature in Spanish, Expository Writing/ENGL 100, and Spanish Civilization. YAY- not. Amazon is shipping me 2 books since the bookstore didn’t pull them for me. They can reimburse me later. In total, my books were cheap this semester. One of my roommates on the other hand, oh my. She’s got books up to her eyeballs. The store had to give her two bags to carry them in. It’s a good thing we drove there.

We got to the bookstore right on time. Everyone and their dog showed up right after us. I think it’s because rush week just finished and today the dorms opened if you wanted to move in early. Tomorrow they open for good. The plan is to help one of my friends move in. This girl:

alysa and adria picnic

Although this picture is from forever and a half ago… we’re still good friends. She was supposed to come hang out tonight (and watch a very good movie, 17 Again)but she’s currently staying as a guest to her now roommate to avoid a fee for early move-in. Silly girl.

Now it’s time for bed. After a summer of crazy sleep schedules it’s time to get back to normality :/

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