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October 9, 2008, 11:58 pm
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…random happenings style.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Oh baby, mama’s sore. I feel like I have the right to say this because 1. I’m sore (from exercise) and 2. I’m a mom… sorta, not really.

I have a rat. Bootsie. And the roomie’s got a rat supposedly named Flash, but it shall soon be changed to Bacon if I get my way (did I tell you that her first rat- Dr. Nibbles– died on saturday) R.I.P.Compost. Ok, back to the point. We’ve been letting the rats spend some time together. You know, get to know each other. It’s been a slow process because of some strange activity. Then there’s this:

Um, yah. We’re going to see if the Psychology, Biology, Agriculture, or College of Vet. Med. will buy the rat babies from us. Because I totally got the roommie to agree to one litter (maybe more if her rat doesn’t die in the process) If you didn’t catch all this: my rat is a boy, her rat is a girl. Rats are rodents and rodents like to have lots of rodent babies. Lots of cute rodent babies. But honestly I’m not looking forward to having a pet with junk. Can you say castration. I’m sure that could be one of the perks of having the best vets in KS

Back to why I’m sore. My shoes in Chem lab were bothering me yet again (i.e. another blister). I totally took them off and walked home (across campus) barefoot (first time attempting the barefootedness I want to embrace in public). And again, the exercise… which I cannot talk about no matter how much I twist it to make it sound like my job, even though it is my job. ok, confusing. Just look at the roomie’s shirt in the video and get the picture.

One more thing. I met with my advisor today to pick out my classes for next semester because us special students get to enroll early to make sure we’re earning enough credits toward our degree to comply with the big boss in the sky. I will be taking 16 hours comprised of:

  • Chem 2
  • Advanced Spanish Composition and Grammar 🙂
  • Human Development
  • Into to Stats
  • Basic Nutrition

I’m pretty excited about all of these, except Chem 2, which is why I’m switching out of microbiology and possibly into kinesiology/exercise science with a pre-nursing/physical therapy emphasis. So soon I’ll be super knowledgable about exercise and will be able to tell you things like how you can totally do kettlebell exercises with dumbells and it’s almost the same.


Ba-Ba-Ba-Barefoot What?
July 19, 2008, 12:21 am
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my feet in 2006- thanks facebook!

my feet in 2006- thanks facebook!

Barefoot living, that is. I first stumbled upon this philosophy of living during a rather uneventful Bio2AP class this last semester. At first I was shocked. Then I calmed down into a, “Hey, this is so cool. I would totally do this if my gym would let me!/I felt sanitary walking around in public places (like the gym, covered in sweat) w/o shoes.” Since the topic has been being talked about on some blogs (like mizfit) I figured I could let ya’ll know about what I learned about in Bio2AP while not learning about biology…

  • While shoes can be cute and “comfortable” our feet were not designed to wear them. If we were supposed to have shoes, why did our feet evolve the way they did? 
  • Because you’re not wearing shoes, your feet are able to experience a variety of new feelings- like grass.
  • The bottom of your feet will eventually toughen up- you know, like with LOTS of calluses. We had a family friend from Australia that used to go around barefoot almost all of the time; I was told that he had some niiice calluses on his feet.
  • The best way to start barefoot living is a little bit at a time- you can use the same plan to eat an elephant too.
  • Some people start from the beginning of their life. Or at least their parents have the start…
  • A select few go as far as to run barefoot
  • Which I’ve heard helps protect athletes from injury.
  • Since a great deal of people find it unsanitary to walk around barefoot, there are PRETEND SHOES! Plus shoes to mimic barefootedness.
  • And since there is a population of barefooters out there, they all need somewhere to go on vaca.
  • Because everyone needs a hobby… heres one that requires no shoes (hopefully??)

Hope you all enjoyed learning about going barefoot- I encourage you to try it sometime. I know that I’ve been livin’ the barefoot life here lately, but maybe that has something to do with the fact that I’ve been lounging around the house without shoes quite often. Sometimes I even take off my shoes at work *gasp*!

**I’m lovin the “p.s” notes here lately. From now on (for the most part) Fridays will now be known as “fresh fridays”: a chance to learn something new- even when you thought you were done for the week 😉 **

June 21, 2008, 3:39 am
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Today I took my nike+ for my run (I went after work- no energy this morning) at the gym. It was such a wonderful run! I ran about 2 mi in 20 min. (Sorry there’s no pic- wordpress is being silly) The course is rather small- 1/12 mi per lap- so it’s almost hypnotising running around it. Since it was Frisday night almost nobody was at the gym… it was so peaceful: but it meant no swimming today. I’m scared that a shark will eat me in the pool and nobody will notice since they’re all on the treadmills.
On another note… I talked to my roommate!**edited out**

On another other note… 🙂 I went to the grocery store today to get dinner and lunch stuff. I grabbed a luscous lemon stoneyfield farms yogurt and when I opened it at home it was strawberry! I was so dissapointed… Strawberry is yummy but lemon is almost heavenly. And I needed that after such a boring day like today.

Crush Those Dreams
June 5, 2008, 12:28 am
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I think that gym-boy may bot like me! This is terrible. I dont know that I’ll be able to sleep tonight… just kidding. Here’s the story:

Yesturday i forgot my shoes in my car after i had given gym-boy my keys in exchange for a locker. Today Becca (little sister) forgot tennis shoes so i let her have mine and needed to go get mine from my car (yes i carry 2 pairs of tennies in my car). I walked up to the counter and said, “Guess what? I need to go get tennis shoes from my car again. Can i please have my keys back” And he didn’t seem to even remember! Holy moley i gave him the “sexy eyes” as Alysa calls them yesturday- and he forgot! Maybe it was just that he doesn’t like girls that have sun burnt legs like mine- although they look pretty good 🙂