That Tall Girl

June 30, 2008, 4:26 pm
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There are few things in life that make me feel like a jock. Veeerryy few… but they are very special to me 🙂


  1. Wearing basketball T-shirts. I always steal my little sister’s bball shirt, as seen above. I wore it to tge gym today since she’s at the AAU 12U 11U national tournament for basketball with her team. I got a lot of “you must play basketball”‘s today. I don’t- never have. One time in gym i made a point for the other team :/ . It just makes me feel like “Yah, I’m 6’3 and 207bs. Wouldn’t you like to meet up with me on a basketball court?!”
  2. Wearing a baseball hat. People say I look like a soccer mom when I wear my *editedout* hat (it’s my only one 😦 ) Arent soccer moms supposed to be athletic??
  3. *edited out*
  4. When my vertical jump was 22 inches. That was at the height of my athletecism. I honestly believe that I’m stronger now then I was at that point and I’m probably equivalent in aerobic abilities- but I’m quite a bit heavier. Anyways, we’re working on changing that 😉
  5. Running for 20 minutes non-stop. I have had quite the bout with shin splints recently. I think it’s mainly from improper running technique (running on my toes- habbit from volleyball)
  6. Sweat “stains”. I love wearing a gray shirt and having my sweat show up on my back, neck, and i guess pits too. It tells me I’ve been working hard.
  7. Dripping in sweat. If I work hard at all I will get really sweaty- but I still want to soak a shirt with sweat one of these days.
  8. Taking a shower at the gym. There’s just something about it- can’t really explain it. You have to wear flip flops in there, but it’s still cool.

Two Million Dollars
June 30, 2008, 3:19 am
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Since I’m soon to be finished with all of my summer jobs, I think that i should reflect upon what I would do with two million dollars- since one isn’t enough. So here we go…

If I were to have one million dollars I would first of all graduate college without any student loans. I don’t know if I would stray from the path of becoming a Physician’s Assistant or not- but since I have some moolah I would like to be a personal trainer. After I graduate college I would move to Spain and work at my first job: owning a small “gym” or something similar.

I would live in a nice apartment close to a market in the southern part of Spain. It would have a color scheme of pastels on a neutral palette. My bed would have a net/canopy thing over it. Every morning I would open my window and water my vegetable garden growing from my window box. After watering my plants I would walk to the door, pick up my news paper and say hello to my dog Sheila.

In my free time I will go one day trips to the beach with my boyfriend and dog. We will eat lunch at a wonderful moroccan inspired cafe and sunbathe in the sand all afternoon. When we’re all done being lazy we’ll go off to a cool new club and dance dance dance.

But I will probably never win the lottery 😦 .



For MizFit- just in case you forget the words 😉


Oh my!
June 29, 2008, 2:51 am
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Oh my- that’s all I can say… lo siento para no escribiendo mas noticias ayer (Sorry for not writing [posts] yesturday) (need to keep up my spanish you know 😉 )

it has been crazy with work and hanging with friends, grocery shopping and dealing with the power going out. Let me start with yesturday:

Went to work, although I’d rather be in Italy drinking a margarita on the beach. Got home and cooked dinner. I felt like I was cooking for a boyfriend. Although I wouldn’t know what that would be like since I’ve never had one. Anyways… Cooked din din for my friend H and me. I made mac and cheese, grilled chicken,  green beans and salad. I could show you some pictures but that would be boring.

H and I watched the Darjeeling Limited. Goodness it’s cast had Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Bill Murray, and Natalie Portman to name a few. It was a cute movie- and it’s at RedBox- thats means 1 dolla baby, or free if you get a large soda at Mickey D’s.

I went to bed pooped and woke up and had to go back to work. Get home from work, made pizza for my friend M and me. From dinner we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and then to Target to look at college stuff. Got home and the power’s out. Lovely, no internet.

Well, that was my last two days. Hope you enjoyed reading about as much as I enjoyed living it. And does anyone have any “wierd-things” suggestions like nail clippers or fabric softener that I might forget without your help?

Cold Play and Cold Cereal
June 27, 2008, 3:03 pm
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Hey, there’s Cold Play on the Today show while I’m eating my breakfast! I always tease my middle sister O for liking them- somehow Coldplay and Nickelback sound similar to me :/ . Well, here’s Cold Play:

And here’s my breakfast (basic 4 cereal with milk and a red delicious apple- not pictured):


Back From the Gym
June 27, 2008, 3:10 am
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Have I mentioned that Thursday nights are my favorite time of the week to go to the gym? Well, I love them! Why, you ask. I shall answer your burning question:

  1. Exercise. I get one killer workout. It isn’t actually killer persay, but it is fairly intense.
  2. Instructor. D is my fav instructor. She’s just really nice and she knows her stuff. Plus she’s genuinely concerned about how my training **edited out** is going. (It’s going great btw. I’m kicking it up a notch next week though!!!)
  3. Friends. Water aerobics isn’t the most intense workout  I’ve ever done, but the people in the class make it worth my time. I haven’t seen De. in a couple of weeks- work conflicts (both her and me) and it was just fun to be able to chat with her again.

I like lists 🙂

New Stuff
June 26, 2008, 10:08 pm
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Since I don’t feel like talking about my last day of work nannying… I want to share with you the new stuff I’ve gotten recently.

First of all- my new water bottle: 32 oz, FDA approved material (whatever that means). Showcased in my mom’s flower pot on the back deck

Secondly, my new lunch box. I was inspired by reading about bento lunch boxes, then found this at Target!

Thirdly, a new pewter platypus from some friends in Australia as a good luck charm for heading into a new part of my life (college!) Isn’t he cute?!

Ok, now my new phone. I had a chocolate (the black phone)- and i put a ribbon on the corner for decoration. My new phone is like a krazr I think. I don’t really remember the name…

Now the inside…

I don’t want to bother flipping the pic since I’m needing to leave in 5 minutes!!! By the way I took off the ugly pink cover.

Ok, one more thing before I run out the door. I got a new memory card for my phone (gotta love freebies). Did some switching around with my memory cards and now have a 2 GB memory card in my camera instead of this old buddy:

June 26, 2008, 12:16 am
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We’re getting rid of this post because I’ve decided that it makes me seem like a creeper.