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Up! up and away
August 29, 2009, 4:15 am
Filed under: fun, my day

What a relief it is that it’s Friday! A big round of auplase is due my way, I just finished the first week of classes of my sophomore year.  This week is always stressful and I always can’t wait for my  life to become routine again. (Life seems to go much more smoothly when I know what’s going to happen) It looks like my schedule will be pretty busy, per usual, but fun and exciting!

Most of my classes are on MWF… I’m busy from 6am-6pm with a little break here and there. TuTh are almost completely free! I’ve only had 2 days to try it out and it has been so nice to be able to just sit down and finish my homework all in one sitting. Hmm, maybe that’s not so nice seeing as I usually have hours of homework to do…

I’m fine with homework just so long as I can have some fun now and then. Thursday night was definitely fun and just what I needed. The school hosted their anual club fair thingy and I got to sit at a table and represent FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).  Afterwards I got to go to Cru participate in some awesome worship, which was just what I needed- to reconnect- after a tough week.

Other things that make me happy, the movie Up!. It is so, so, so adorable and hilarious. There is an army of talking dogs, a house that flies to South America with the aid of helium filled balloons, and a really sweet old man. I highly reccomend it!


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