That Tall Girl

May 31, 2008, 1:07 pm
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Really, if you get a chance to drive through it: Marengo, IL, then you totally should. Apperently my aunt boards her dog there. Who would have guessed that they have a cool doggy hotel?

Oh, why am i in IL? That’s a good question. The answer, I’m going to the cousins’ graduation. I think John is signing at it but i know that Dan is speaking.

I hope the ceremony moves as fast as mine did: 1 hour 15 min approx. Not too bad in my book. I think their class is smaller so we shouldnt have any problems.

One prob i think i’m having: i’m addicted to exercising and eating healthfully. I have finally reached the 20 lbs mark.

Oh no! there is someone behind me at the hotel computer. I guess i’ve used my 15 min…


Today is the Day
May 29, 2008, 3:45 pm
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Today I get to see gym-boy! Actually his name is… maybe i shouldnt say that (you know, in case he’s reading… or if i soon become his girl friend and he starts reading my blog) So you get the point that he’s super-cute.

There’s one little problem… i think he’s afraid of me (mom stop laughing). He’s afraid because im taller. As a 6’3″ female i have had a tendancy of scaring boys without trying. He says “hi” to me a lot :)) but conversation doesnt stray much from the typical “how are you doing”

Anyways- i get to see him tonight!!! I’ll be “working out” during water aerobics and he’ll be teaching swim lessons. Maybe I’m getting to detailed. Maybe i should stop talking about gym-boy…