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Money, Money, Money, Money, Money. MONEY!
September 2, 2008, 12:29 am
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Sometimes I wish that I knew how to do something cool like play the piano. I mean really, then I could just sit down and jam out. Like the guy at the dining center today.

At lunch he just sat down and started play the piano. He wasn’t perfect, but it was much better than I could play. Two of the songs he played were “Apologize” by Justin Timberlake and “Clocks” by Coldplay.

Then at dinner he played some more… but this time he set out a glass on the piano- and made money! From playing the piano after he was done eating.

He probably got about $5 total. Hey- that’s a sandwich.

Hope ya’ll had a great long weekend. Back to the real world now.


*oh yah, and check out what my roommate and I are doing to try to get more people to like us on our floor at the “White Board Joke of the Day” link to you left.*


Diez Cosas

Since I am kindasortareallyextremely bored and tired I will give you a list of 10 things you probably don’t know about me. My mom doesn’t even know all of these (hi mom!).

  1. I really like Beatles music- although I haven’t listened to all of it and can’t distinguish it easily from other groups while on the radio…
  2. I talk to myself in Spanish when I’m tired or bored, making up pretend conversations with people i know
  3. I might want to marry gym-boy… but it would help if he talked to me more. I had a “spanish conversation” with “him” after not seeing him at the gym today
  4. **edited out**
  5. **edited out**
  6. I went to a private Christian school through 8th grade (actually two, because I moved before 2nd grade) and I’ve gone to 2 public high schools- because I moved again during the 1st semester of my freshman year.
  7. I love to sneeze- this one was inspired by a recent sneeze 🙂 . I used to make myself sneeze when I was younger.
  8. I have clothes that I wear from 5th grade. In fact, I’m wearing some shorts from that era right now haha.
  9. My parents made me start sports. And I was kicking and screaming all the way. I had to choose from volleyball (minimal running), basketball (quite a bit of running), and track (all running as far as I was concerned). I chose volleyball in 6th grade. Played for my schools until through halfway through my junior year season (yeah, remember that coach i mentioned in #5 ((she was truely out to get me))- I quit the team) and then during my freshman year i had my knee scoped so couldn’t play for most of that. Played club vb 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th. Played summer vb league a couple years. Did throwing with track in 8th and 10th grade. Now after my reading my lengthy (??) sports history…
  10. Today I went 20 mi in spinning and then ran 1 mi and I’ve never felt stronger. I’m pooped now, but hey- I really accomplished something today. In fact, I’m starting to feel happy with the way my body looks. Yeah, I’m no skinny minnie, but I’m strong and healthy and beautiful (i can tell the last one by all of the boys flocking to me lately 😉 ).

Cold Play and Cold Cereal
June 27, 2008, 3:03 pm
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Hey, there’s Cold Play on the Today show while I’m eating my breakfast! I always tease my middle sister O for liking them- somehow Coldplay and Nickelback sound similar to me :/ . Well, here’s Cold Play:

And here’s my breakfast (basic 4 cereal with milk and a red delicious apple- not pictured):