That Tall Girl

It came and went
August 23, 2008, 4:07 am
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I woke up this morning and lazily got ready for my day. I did the usual and then added the finishing touches to my packing toward the end of my routine. At about 10, we left the house. Mom was with me, Dad was driving the minivan with all of my stuff in it. two hours later, we’re in *edited out*. First stop:lunch.

We went to wendy’s. I got my fav: southwest taco salad. it’s got chili in it! While in line we met a retired professor. Dr. L. He was very nice. We talked about his car ( and ’34 ford- since we saw him driving it) and about him working on his new house. We talked a bit about me. (it was a long line) Then, what caught me off guard: since his new house is by the boathouse, he said to just drop on by his house any time- just to say hi. This is part of why I chose *edited out* . People are much friendlier over here.

Even people that are not from the area are nice. When I was checking in with my RA, a kid from h.s. walked up to me and asked if I needed any help unloading stuff. We knew each other- but never really talked much the past 4 years.

So it’s now 1 o’clock. We worked on moving my stuff in. (and i got my id card from the union somewhere in there) It took quite a while. But everything fits!

We make a walmart run. get some stuff. get back. tell my parents bye. no tears. put sutff away. have some spaghetti-o’s (with meatballs!) and a banana- separate, of course. put some more stuff away. called a friend. interupted her prayer meeting- sorry. got ready. went out for a bite. came back. made plans for tomorrow… all day tomorrow. realized that someone forgot to lock the door. turned the laptop on. spent an hour trying to get *edited out* to realize my computer was safe. now im here trying to hurry things up.

i have plenty of pictures. you’ll see some soon. maybe tomorrow. maybe in 5 years. (when i’m outta here?!)


Hey, Hey, Hey!
July 13, 2008, 12:20 am
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Except that I’m not fat albert. But I am ready for college- sorta. Despite my lack of motivation to do ANYTHING to do this week, I managed to buy bedding for my dorm room (and some other schtuff). Here’s the checklist (because you know how I like them):

  • quilt
  • electric blanket (but I got this for christmas)
  • sheets x2
  • non name brand “glad ware”
  • microwave
  • blender
  • mattress pad
  • plates, bowls, cups, silverware
  • and something else I’m sure

I’ve still got somethings to buy- like school supplies… can’t forget those. The roommates and I are in the midst of talking about how to furnish the shared areas like the bathroom. It’s going to look pretty plain 😦 but it will be easy on the wallet.

Speaking of the wallet… If the average price for gas this year is $4.50 it will cost me approx $22 per week in gas money to get to and from practice 5 times per week plus 10 miles of liesure driving- like going to Target to walk around and unwind- or buy socks, whichever I need to do at the time.

I’ll probably be posting pictures next week of the things that I have gotten- because I’m super excited about it and need at least something of interest to post.