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Home Here I Come
November 29, 2008, 4:08 am
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Goodness, I am ready to go home. Not home, kansas city home… but home, college home.

Tomorrow we’ll get on the road bright and early. Well, it’ll be 8:30 so not that early. The drive will probably take a bit longer since we’ll be stopping by the Nordstrom’s Rack on the way back.

What is the Nordstrom’s Rack you say? It’s where all the stuff that didn’t get sold at Nordstroms goes to: like size 13 shoes! (which is what size I wear) We’s planning on getting some new shoes. Heck yes!

But I’m more excited about getting home. While in Kansas city I will be applying for a job at Panera… have I told you this already? I can’t remember. Anyways, I will bat my eyes and tell them that I’m a great employee and all that jazz and hope I get the job. Wish me luck!

Then I’ll go home and have about 2.5 weeks until I come back for Christmas… then it’s 5 weeks at home. I better get that job. It’s been way too boring around here- you know, not living with your best friends can be that way. I’d probably pull my hair out if I had to just sit around that whole time.

Speaking of hair, I’m off to go dry it then go to bed because I’m pooped.

Ok, one more story. The first time I heard the word “pooped” in the same context as above was when my aunt said that she was pooped. I was only about 3 or 4 at the time I’m guessing because I distinctly remember thinking, “gosh, you don’t look like poop.”


A New Note
November 28, 2008, 6:01 am
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Just thought that I would check in and let you all know what’s new in my life.

On tuesday night I went over to the gym and met gym oy’s replacements… they were quite the dissappointment. The boy was too young. The girl was a girl and a jerk. After checking in I went back to the “cycling studio” to wait for my spin class that I thought would start at 5. When 5:10 came I went to look at the schedule, the gym cancelled that class! What losers. From there I had to go run on the track (because the machines were busy). I ran for 20 minutes until that (cute) guy told me it was funny how threw my right elbow out every so often. After that I decided to try a step class.

Wow, I will never do that again. Ever again. I got lost with the stepping on and off of the step. After about 15 minutes of torture (because I have no coordination whatsoever) I told the instructuctor I just couldn’t handle it and left.

If you’re interested I went to a spin class at 5:30 wednesday morning before we go on the road. Apparently my middle sister also woke up at 5. She couldn’t stop complaining how she was so sleepy… I just would like to say: Suck it up, Sister! Not only did I wake up 5 minutes earlier than her but I went and cycled for 45 minutes (at an intense rate)

Having worked up an appetite I went to Panera to grab a blueberry bagel (my new fav!) Then I went to Wally World and found several running tops there on clearance for $3. I had already raided the one at school (stuff was $1 there, like a super cute running skort!) Then we got on the road after killing way too much time.

I haven’t been up to much since then. I started reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer yesturday and I’m almost finished. It’s not particularly my favorite book out there. It’s only so-so. But it’s an easy read and I’d like to know what everyone else is talking about. I probably could finish it tomorrow (in the down time when everyone is getting ready for our feast, we’re having it on black friday this year!) but I kinda want something to read on my 9 hour drive home…

Home Here I Come!
November 25, 2008, 3:32 pm
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Well, I’m pretty sure that I got an A+ on my Chemistry test. That’s one less thing to worry about, along with having practice out of the way. It was especially fun today! Does that mean easy? Nah… just super fun and different.

Wanna know what else is super fun? Listening to Christmas music whilst packing/cleaning for Thanksgiving break. I will be getting on the road at approx. 11:30 a.m. (in about 2 hours!!) The trip will be much nicer and faster since my friend M. is tagging along.

The rats will be going with the roomie, home, since I am traveling to the windy city to see family for a couple of days. My parents weren’t too keen on the idea of having a rat in the car for an 8 hour road trip. They think it might make things smelly. You know what my answer to that is? Dad. Gas. Eww. Besides, we’re cleaning the cage right now.

It’s my turn to hold the rats, I put them in my newly emptied trash can… hey, it works. They are so cute. They made a fort with the newspaper in their cage:


It’ll be tough to leave Bootsie for about a week, but I might be able to manage. You know what’s going to be difficult? Leaving my teammates. I’m going to miss them 😦 But it’s probably going to be worse over Christmas break: a whole month without my best buddies!

Well, gotta go finish up the packing. Gotta make my list and check it twice. Pick out something nice.

Eight Things
November 25, 2008, 3:02 am
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Saw this post idea over here this evening and decided I liked the idea and want to copy it.

Eight Things That I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Going home tomorrow
  2. Cycling class with Becca at my gym!!!
  3. Reading Twilight this week
  4. Seeing my cousins
  5. Eating turkey day food
  6. Time off from classes
  7. Not being afraid that my roommate will attack me in my sleep
  8. coming back to school in about a week.

Eight Things On My Wish List

  1. Chi flat iron
  2. Sling Box
  3. 2.5 more years plus some alcohol
  4. iPod movie maker/compressor/converter
  5. Nike stufffff
  6. A new ringtone
  7. a boyfriend
  8. an engagement ring

Eight TV Shows That I Watch

  1. CSI:
  2. House
  3. American Idol
  4. Kitchen Nightmere
  5. John and Kate plus 8
  6. Little People, Big World
  7. Fresh Prince
  8. Doug

Eight Things That I Did Yesterday

  1. Slept in
  2. Went to church
  3. Ate lots of chinese food
  4. Found honorary grandparents
  5. Study Chemistry
  6. Watch Made of Honor and The Producers
  7. Made green bean casserole in the microwave
  8. missed an important meeting

Got a Case of the Blah’s
November 25, 2008, 1:01 am
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But mom, I don’t wanna go take a chemistry test!

Really, it shouldn’t be that bad. It’s mainly over Lewis Structures, which are easy peasy lemon squeasy. I’m just ready to get it over with!

Tomorrow I will be getting on the road some time before lunch. It all depends on whether I’m carpooling or not. I might have a guest in my car, I might not. All that matters is I’m driving… so that my car can get it’s new tires while we’re home.

T – 7 minutes. BLAH! I’m so ready to be home. SO SO SO ready to just chill. Even though the break will be crazy and stressful and short. I blame… the world.

Grrr. Crazy Chemistry professors and bosses (jk, I love you!) make me stay in town 4 days longer than really needed.

It. Is. Time. To meet my demise. To. Kick. Ass.

Is it thanksgiving yet??
November 21, 2008, 3:35 am
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Oh man, I’m ready for Thanksgiving break. Ready for the fun stuff that is…  not the bazillions of hours I will be spending in the car. Two road trips.

Haha, George Lopez is funny. Side note: I’m on the roomie’s computer for what I hope will be the last time since I received a call from HP this evening telling me how it’s a good thing I didn’t need any info off of my hard drive because they trashed it… and that I should be able to pick it up in all it’s newness from bestbuy tomorrow or saturday. or sunday. or maybe monday. But it better be before monday because I’m totally leaving town tuesday morning.

Goodness. I cannot concentrate. I’m tired. it’s been a long day. Georgey-poo is distracting me.

Oh, looking for a good book. Read The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne. It’s the book equivalent to a chick flick. I read it all in about 2 days. Want more info. Look it up. I’m going to bed 🙂

November 19, 2008, 10:00 pm
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I just want to scream. Stomp my feet, scream, and throw that 420+ page yearbook at something and say how it’s nothing with out the yearbook DVD. Should I back up?

In high school, junior and senior year, I was the co-editor of our school’s yearbook DVD. It was my baby. My senior year I started to hate journalism. Why? Because somebody wanted to implement a video section onto the school’s website. What did that mean? DVD’s 4 camera that often didn’t work had to be shared with about 10 more people than the normal 2. Plus, my other editor and were made to work on videos for the “Website”

Here’s the deal. DVD barely got finished. It turned out to be about half the size I wanted it to be. Website video sucked the life out of our equipment. And guess what. The website didn’t change at all after the 1st week of school. That means: all of our work wasn’t seen by anyone and the work that was supposed to be seen (DVD) suffered because of it.

Well, I had a nigthmere about DVD the other night. It was along the lines of how every story was formed around copyrighted music and it was near impossible to get it fixed and it didn’t look good enough and the last deadline was coming up and so on with the drama. So I sent a message to the girl who was supposed to be running DVD this year to make sure DVD hadn’t turned into a big fiery mass in the back corner of the journalism room never to be seen again. Guess what. IT HAS.

No more DVD. OMG, I’m pissed. How could our adviser let something like this happen. How?! All of the other high schools in my district are winning the top awards while… we don’t have one? All because website is so great.

Check it out. It sucks. They still have things from the beginning of the year. Where’s the video. When you find it, will it play correctly- no.

All that to get rid of my child, DVD.