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Ba-Ba-Ba-Barefoot What?
July 19, 2008, 12:21 am
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my feet in 2006- thanks facebook!

my feet in 2006- thanks facebook!

Barefoot living, that is. I first stumbled upon this philosophy of living during a rather uneventful Bio2AP class this last semester. At first I was shocked. Then I calmed down into a, “Hey, this is so cool. I would totally do this if my gym would let me!/I felt sanitary walking around in public places (like the gym, covered in sweat) w/o shoes.” Since the topic has been being talked about on some blogs (like mizfit) I figured I could let ya’ll know about what I learned about in Bio2AP while not learning about biology…

  • While shoes can be cute and “comfortable” our feet were not designed to wear them. If we were supposed to have shoes, why did our feet evolve the way they did? 
  • Because you’re not wearing shoes, your feet are able to experience a variety of new feelings- like grass.
  • The bottom of your feet will eventually toughen up- you know, like with LOTS of calluses. We had a family friend from Australia that used to go around barefoot almost all of the time; I was told that he had some niiice calluses on his feet.
  • The best way to start barefoot living is a little bit at a time- you can use the same plan to eat an elephant too.
  • Some people start from the beginning of their life. Or at least their parents have the start…
  • A select few go as far as to run barefoot
  • Which I’ve heard helps protect athletes from injury.
  • Since a great deal of people find it unsanitary to walk around barefoot, there are PRETEND SHOES! Plus shoes to mimic barefootedness.
  • And since there is a population of barefooters out there, they all need somewhere to go on vaca.
  • Because everyone needs a hobby… heres one that requires no shoes (hopefully??)

Hope you all enjoyed learning about going barefoot- I encourage you to try it sometime. I know that I’ve been livin’ the barefoot life here lately, but maybe that has something to do with the fact that I’ve been lounging around the house without shoes quite often. Sometimes I even take off my shoes at work *gasp*!

**I’m lovin the “p.s” notes here lately. From now on (for the most part) Fridays will now be known as “fresh fridays”: a chance to learn something new- even when you thought you were done for the week 😉 **


Fly, Fly Away!… Please
June 22, 2008, 2:23 pm
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We have a tiny fruit fly problem at my house. They came in with the pineapple we bought recently and have spread to other parts of the house?! Those messy sisters. As I was reading blogs this morning mom got out the vacuum and started vacuuming… the fruit flies! It was too good to pass up this photo-op.

Actually, we had fruit flies at work yesturday too. But I’m sure that Jose vacuumed them up as well 😉