That Tall Girl

August 14, 2008, 4:26 pm
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Well, I guess I should post something, huh? The long delay was because I’m pretty stressed. I move in a week from tomorrow. I still have shopping to do. I still have books to read. I still have lists to make. I still have a tan to get on. I still have shin spllints (bone scan turned up negative for stress fractures- yay!) to deal with. I still have to make sure these new tennies will work. I still have to get that right glute to fire- because it isn’t, and it makes for a lopsided walk/run and causes back pain.

What I have to worry about when I get there? Packing, finding a church, **edited out**, campus orientation, classes, making new friends, getting my dorm room settled, and much more.

**editted out**

Hey, did you know there’s a newspaper article written about me? It’s about me, the part about me is toward the bottom. Ch-ch-check it out.


Two Million Dollars
June 30, 2008, 3:19 am
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Since I’m soon to be finished with all of my summer jobs, I think that i should reflect upon what I would do with two million dollars- since one isn’t enough. So here we go…

If I were to have one million dollars I would first of all graduate college without any student loans. I don’t know if I would stray from the path of becoming a Physician’s Assistant or not- but since I have some moolah I would like to be a personal trainer. After I graduate college I would move to Spain and work at my first job: owning a small “gym” or something similar.

I would live in a nice apartment close to a market in the southern part of Spain. It would have a color scheme of pastels on a neutral palette. My bed would have a net/canopy thing over it. Every morning I would open my window and water my vegetable garden growing from my window box. After watering my plants I would walk to the door, pick up my news paper and say hello to my dog Sheila.

In my free time I will go one day trips to the beach with my boyfriend and dog. We will eat lunch at a wonderful moroccan inspired cafe and sunbathe in the sand all afternoon. When we’re all done being lazy we’ll go off to a cool new club and dance dance dance.

But I will probably never win the lottery 😦 .



For MizFit- just in case you forget the words 😉