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Hell Month is Soon to be Over
November 10, 2008, 8:34 pm
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After tonight the worst month of my life to date shall be over. After this chemistry test that I plan on stomping into the ground with my awesomeness I will pretty much be done with the craziness called mid-semester. Only one more paper to write, 2 more tests, and possibly only 2 finals one of which I will probably ace without even trying (did I tell you that I set the curve for my spanish midterm??)

Even though I was cooped up in my room all of yesturday- because saturday was my “fun” day (breakfast at panera and a movie night with the roomie and suite-ie and lots of naps in between- I’ve still got some studying to do. We’re covering Thermochemistry, electron orbital stuff, and periodic table prediction crap. I don’t know if you remember any of that from high school or college but it’s nasty stuff, well only the thermochemistry is.

After the test tonight I’ll be watching Sleepy Hollow. You know, with Johnny Depp. Kinda excited about that. And I get to sleep in tomorrow morning, yay! With no classes (except I sorta have one), you do the math. I also have something exciting to tell you mom. I might call you as I’m walking home from the test tonight.

Now I’m off to see the Wizard- the chemistry wizard, that is also know by “Roomie’s study guide for my chem book that she bought off of Amazon just for me her”


Mumbo Gumbo Jumbo
September 25, 2008, 1:54 am
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Oh baby, mama’s sore. Adding different athletic adventures to your life will do that I guess. It made it real interesting standing around in Chem lab. Especially since my drawer with all my glassware and stuff is almost on the floor it’s so low. It was a kinda boring lab too.

Now I’m sitting at study table, waiting for Mr. President to talk… Ok, he’s done talking. Dang, we in trouble. $700 Billion. Someone just told all of us that if you had $1 billion on the day Jesus was born (about 2000 years ago) and if you spent $1,000 every day since then you would still have half of it left now (I thought that was a really cool analogy, so I’m sharing it with you). There’s like what… 300 million citizens in the USA, that’s a couple thousand dollars for each person. I like work, but not it all of it goes to the government.

I guess all I keep thinking about is me entering the work force soon, buying a house in 10 years, and having some moolah for those late night ice cream cravings. No, really, it all makes me a bit nervous. Like more nervous than I am about finding out how well I did on my Spanish exam today.

It was a scary test. It was almost all responses in complete sentences. I guess that I don’t know my Spanish grammar as well as I had originally thought. I guess that’s why I’ll probably be taking the Spanish Composition and Grammar class next… that’s right folks, TG is entering the big girl classes.

I have the worst headache. It’s probably because I’ve been running all day long. I was so tired this morning that I came back to the room at lunch time and took a nap. When I get back after this I want to go straight to bed. I guess I better get crack-a-lackin’ on my homework. Not that I really have any.

Oh Chemistry.
September 15, 2008, 8:55 pm
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How I loathe thee. You are the reason why I don’t want to be in college forever. The reason why I’m going to take more hours next semester so I can get outta here faster. The reason for me want to switch majors (from microbiology to… nutrition/exercise science??) The reason why I dread sitting in that lecture hall- with 217 others.

Ok. I’ll stop talking to concepts of knowledge now and come back to reality. It’s just that I have my 1st chem test in 3 hours 347 minutes. I kinda want a good grade on this test. But I’m stressed. And I need to go review my notes (because I totally studied like all afternoon yesturday- and went to bed at 9:30?? earlier than ever)