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What a week!
November 7, 2008, 8:43 pm
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I’m certain that I don’t have good luck with computers. The one that is currently (sort of) in my care is #4 since june. Since it’s in the shop right now because the processor has broken we might as well say I’m on my 5th computer. FYI I won’ get it back into my hands for 2 more weeks. Lovely. I’m glad my term paper was eary since it was due today.

Other than computer issues my week has been fantastic. Yesturday I took a 2 hour long nap, then a 20 minute rest, then another 20 minute rest all through out the day. I also did some yoga.

Let me rant about yoga. Usually I’m not a fan of yoga. I guess I haven’t had the right instructors/mindset. Normally I can’t wait for my 60 minutes of torturous poses to be finished, but yesturday I wished it would have lasted longer. Why? Because it was almost all stretching. I can’t even begin to tell you how great I feel today. I’m limber again. I can pop my back with a simple twist. I can put on socks with out feeling like it’s some great ordeal. Yoga is amazing. I love love love it.

I love it so much that I might just have to start going to the rec a bit more. Or I might take a class, you know, so I can learn it better- like from the beginning. I think it would be fun to get to a point where I can balance like a tight rope walker and twist into crazy shapes… or just plain relieve all of the tension bound up in my hamstrings.

Speaking of classes, I have revised my class schedule for next semester:

  • Advanced Conversational Spanish
  • Spanish Composition and Grammar
  • Public Speaking
  • Human Development
  • Basic Nutrition

Needless to say, I’m super duper excited for all of these classes. My spanish classes will only get me thismuchcloser to being fluent(er). My speech class will be super fun because it will be so easy (I took speech 1 & 2 in high school). Human development- I’ve got lot’s of friends in there that talk about it. It sounds so cool, it’s like the sociology and biology of life mixed into one. And nutrition- easy peasy, interesting, and something that will definitely stay with me later in life.

Since I’ve changed topics like 56760 bajillion times I think it’s time for me to sign off, not to mention the fact that I’m in the library awaiting a call. Hasta luego amigos.


Would you care to read?
November 3, 2008, 3:08 am
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Here’s my lovely 900 word essay on human rights (derechos humanos). I’m feeling quite rpoud of myself right now. Not going to lie. If you happen to be fluent in Spanish, don’t be hatin’. This is my 1st legit paper en espanol. Just like last friday was my first legit (8 minute) speech in spanish, on which I recieved a 100%. And that was the project that brings everyone’s grade down from what I’ve been told.

Como Garantiza los Derechos Humanos del Público


Derechos humanos son muy importantes en la vida día a día porque sin los el público no puede tener seguridad en su gobierno, el gobierno puede tener demasiado poder, y no habrá la paz en el mundo. Si una persona no tiene el derecho a escribir sus opiniones o da todo de la información, entonces él/ ella no puede informar el público con información necesario de cosas en el mundo. Si una persona no tiene el derecho a protestar, entones él/ella no puede expresar sus opiniones en la ley nueva. Si una persona no tiene el derecho a votar, entonces él/ ella no puede tener influencia en su gobierno. Hay muchos tipos de derechos humanos, la capacidad hacer cosas que son necesarios a una vida con paz y felicidad, como los derechos de prensa, a protestar, y a votar.

La libertad escribir qué uno piensa ser necesario para que la gente tendrá la información que necesite es muy importante en todos de los comunidades del mundo. El uso de este derecho ayudará evitar problemas en el futuro.  Millones y millones de personas leerán los periódicos cada día para reciben información de su región; lo es importante que ellos tengan la información que está correcta y la más informativa. Sin esta forma de comunicación, la gente no sabría nada sobre de las nuevas cosas en su comunidad y otras comunidades del mundo. Ellos necesitan tener el conocimiento de su comunidad y el mundo para que ellos puedan guardar sus derechos de otros, como su propio gobierno.

El gobierno tiene la responsabilidad  le informan la gente, y los periódicos puede estar un instrumento ayudar la gente recibe los anuncios. Los periodismos necesitan tener cuidado. Ellos tienen la responsabilidad de siempre escribir la verdad. Los periodismos tienen solamente una oportunidad para guardar la confianza del gobierno. Después de siempre una vez cuando el periodismo no dijo la verdad, el gobierno no confiará en la prensa tanto como es necesario. El gobierno empezará crear nuevas leyes, limitar los derechos de prensa, y le quita el derecho a saber sobre del mundo. Por eso es muy importante que el gobierno se respete la prensa y la prensa se respeta el gobierno y le diga la verdad.

            Por otro lado, porque hay crimen, nuevas políticas, y cuentos importantes en la comunidad y el mundo, la gente tiene la responsabilidad para leer los periódicos o ver la televisión. Unas personas siempre leen sus noticias, unas personas siempre escuchan a o ven sus noticias, todos de esas formas están buenos. Qué es importante es que la gente aventaja de su derecho estar informado. Ellos dice, “Qué no usa, perderá.”  Lo mismo va para los derechos también.  Cuando la gente no se preocupa sobre de sus derechos, ellos no tendrán en el futuro.

Para tener sus derechos, es necesario que el público use los y proteja los. Cuando el gobierno dice o hace algo que no le gusta, la gente necesite actuar. Protege su derecho a protestar. Ellos tiene que escribir una carta a los líderes sobre de las problemas en la comunidad, sobre de las leyes que quiere, y sobre de las leyes que no quiere.

A veces es necesario que tenga un demonstración política para expresar sus opiniones y necesidades porque el gobierno no escuchará por otros medios. A ese tiempo la gente necesita forma un grupo para proteger sus derechos. La gente necesita saber que a veces el gobierno no escuchará, especialmente cuando ellos no están pacientes y cuando ello no están tranquilos.

Para proteger su derecho a protestar, los manifestantes se deben estar tranquilos. En cada situación donde algo necesita estar hecho, la situación necesita paz. Cuando hay palabras de lucha, o luchar, no hará nada. Cosas como luchar con la policía, acusar personas de cosas falsas, y violar la ley siempre daña el proceso. Lo principal es que los manifestantes están acertados y sabios.

La misma cosa va para votar. Cuando el tiempo viene votar, la gente necesita estar exigentes. Para proteger su derecho a votar, la persona que le vota la gente se debe creer en tener derechos. Este es un oportunidad especial a decir, “quiero que esta persona esté el líder de mi pueblo/ territorio/ país etc.”

No siempre es la una cosa como no otra, la es una responsabilidad importante. La persona que le vota ahora tendrá un trabajo con mucha importancia para la región. Es un posibilidad que habrá impuestos, leyes y políticas nuevas, y él/ ella influirán la capacidad de una familia hacer cosas como comprar vegetales para sus niños y vivir en una casa grande, posiblemente la capacidad para salir el país.

Muchos países no tienen los derechos humanos. Cuando vive en un país que tiene muchos derechos y libertades lo parece menos importante les presta atención a países sin los. Porque vive en un país con derechos humanos se debe protegerlos. Para salvaguardar todos de los derechos humanos, uno necesita utilizarlos. Haga algo para hacer una diferencia; escriba a sus líderes sobre de los necesidades de su comunidad; proteste la violación de sus derechos humanos; vote para los líderes que protegerán sus derechos humanos. Si no quiere hacer algo entones está diciendo que no quiere derechos humanos y tenerlos no es importante para su. Los derechos son importantes, son necesarios.

May the real tg please stand up
October 21, 2008, 3:13 am
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ok, I’m here. I’m feeling pretty legit today. Why?

  • I went to the doctor all by myself, got the meds I needed to help me get over the rest of this bug, and got myself home just in time for dinner.
  • I had my first ever verbal test in Spanish. it lasted about 6:30. I was way stressed about it, but I totally was able to talk with my partner for the whole time.
  • I fixed my camera

I’m probably going to get back to the exercise tomorrow. I think that I’m ready for it. (just watch me collapse or something now that I’ve said that). At dinner I sorta had an appetite again, which is usually a good indicator for me that I’m ready to get back in the swing of things.

I’m not going to lie, it can be hard to get back up after a setback like this. Honestly I feel that if you don’t have something to motivate you, you won’t push yourself. So today, I would like to challenge you to pick a goal. Not a weight, not a dress size, but a fitness goal.

Choose something like running your first 5k, 10k, half marathon, etc. Or something similar to the 100 pushup challenge that was going around this summer. Maybe you want to squat 2.5 times your body weight- because I do. Be the woman with the 25 lb dumbbells unstead of the 10’s or 15’s. Maybe you want to participate in that triathlon next May. You get what I’m saying.

It’s much easier to work towards a goal when you’re feeling like you just want to throw in the towel… and with flu season just around the corner, start putting those goals into practice. Like Nike, Just Do It.

EDIT:And since I’m a sucker for free stuff:

I entered the Gracie Gear Giveaway!

Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.

EDIT2: Roni has a post that has some pretty interesting info on this subject, check it out!

128 minutes

Yeah, 2 hours and 8 minutes. What took that long, you ask. Getting my internet to work. Honestly, it would have taken MUUUUCH less time had Jefferson from Coasta Rica not been so talkative. He was very nice mind you. Even inviting me to stay at his house when i go there (?!!!!!!?!). We talked about/in Spanish (my love and his first language- apparently I have a good accent), movies( he has 110+ of them), books, religion, Costa Rica, my job, his job, my computer being wierd (me thinking: oh great). Needless to say, he was much more fun to talk to than India girl with Dell.

Well, I should probably tell you about my spinning class this afternoon. Actually it was an RPM class- but a rather mild one in my opinion. I haven’t been to this class in about 3 months and figured i should go to say goodbye/thank to the instructor L. L. has an interesting attitude. For one he likes to drink. Oh, but it’s for his heart, mind you. So since he has a bit of an attitude I tend to speak up a bit more in that class. It was fun to see everyone again though.

After my spin class I went for a little run. i wanted to run for 30min but only accomplished 5min. Why? Because the new shoes that are supposed to be good for me hurt me like none other! My achilles tendonitis from junior year has returned. So has knee pain. Oh and the shinsplints are still there. So you may be wondering how i even made it 5 minutes with such discomfort (because it was pretty bad). It was all because of the basketball game going on beneath the track (since I run above and around the track). I can’t just stop running when I have their attention lol- as well as the attention from the boys on the track who were showing off LOL. Which I think this is all really funny because 1. i was wearing no make up at all 2. i felt gross 3. i smelled gross 4. my hair was in lopsided pigtails… and the list could go on.

Wanna know why I felt gross today. that’s a good topic for tomorrow. I can say a lot about it. And since tomorrow is Tuesday- we can have a TMI Tuesday again! YAY!!!

Two Million Dollars
June 30, 2008, 3:19 am
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Since I’m soon to be finished with all of my summer jobs, I think that i should reflect upon what I would do with two million dollars- since one isn’t enough. So here we go…

If I were to have one million dollars I would first of all graduate college without any student loans. I don’t know if I would stray from the path of becoming a Physician’s Assistant or not- but since I have some moolah I would like to be a personal trainer. After I graduate college I would move to Spain and work at my first job: owning a small “gym” or something similar.

I would live in a nice apartment close to a market in the southern part of Spain. It would have a color scheme of pastels on a neutral palette. My bed would have a net/canopy thing over it. Every morning I would open my window and water my vegetable garden growing from my window box. After watering my plants I would walk to the door, pick up my news paper and say hello to my dog Sheila.

In my free time I will go one day trips to the beach with my boyfriend and dog. We will eat lunch at a wonderful moroccan inspired cafe and sunbathe in the sand all afternoon. When we’re all done being lazy we’ll go off to a cool new club and dance dance dance.

But I will probably never win the lottery 😦 .



For MizFit- just in case you forget the words 😉


Whole Foods Adventure

Tonight Dad took me to Whole Foods for dinner while B was at bball practice. It was a hard choice but I chose the KC sandwich:

It had roast beef, roasted red peppers, carmelized red onions, mixed salad greens, and horseraddish mayo all on ciabbata bread.

We ate outside. It was such lovely weather!

When we finished at Whole Foods we went over to Borders since it was really close. There was a cool book that I wanted to show dad, Talking Dirty Spanish. (Have I mentioned how much I love Spanish?) There are phrases in it like: hacerse el oso: to make an ass of oneself, literally: to make the bear. I want this book for my birthday- it’s coming up you know (hint, hint, mom)

Oh and that’s not my arm. I’m not that hairy. That arm belongs “a mi padre”.

Oh and here’s a “BINGO!” with a license plate reading “Annie”, our dog’s name. B wanted me to post it… not like she ever reads my blog.

I’m Very Tan(doori)
June 9, 2008, 12:22 am
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Wow, I had forgotten how much I loved cooking. Since mom was in wichita with becca today and dad was with livi and one of her friends at worlds of fun I was the only one home- hence I made din din.

What to make, what to make. After searching for a cool new recipe to try on then realizing i didn’t want to go to HyVee I choose to make grilled tandoori chicken, rice and beans, and grilled veggies. Yum yum yum!

Woo Hoo! I grilled chicken! Yes I am wearing my swim suit and soffes because I went to the pool this afternoon.

What- who went with me? No one. I went to the pool by myself so that I could study some spanish verbs for my placement test this friday at enrollment and orientation.