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Such a Long Day
June 15, 2008, 1:37 am
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Didn’t post yesturday because I was soo tired. I woke up at 5 to drive to *edited out**for orientation and enrollment. We got in town at 7:45 and headed over to the Union. Got there, stood in multiple lines and I soon parted ways with my mom: me to the student section, her with the parents.

In the big room we were divided by college. There was a brief presentation and then each college went to another room. After I introduced myself, I heard someone behind me ask, “Aren’t you a rower?” I turned around and saw E! I’ve only talked to her on Facebook, but I know that she’s really nice. We pretty much stayed together for the rest of the presentation stuff.

The power went out halfway through the presentation so it was cut short (you know with the tornado that hit campus 1.5 days prior). Then mom and I went to Hibachi Hut for lunch. That was yummy. We headed back to the Union and talked to *edited out*

When it came time to talk to my advisor, I explained about wanting to be a nurse practitioner, but with 3 bachelors degrees: microbiology, spanish, and nursing. He told me that I should consider being a Physician’s Assisstant. Not only will it be a shorter time in school, the pay is better than a nurse practitioner. I think I like this advisor: he knows his stuff.  

 EDIT: Here is a broken tree in the Union