That Tall Girl

Everyone, meet Charles
September 15, 2009, 9:13 pm
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Charlie is quite rude, just like that apple.

Charlie is quite rude, just like that apple.

It is VERY important that you all know about Charles. You see, he has been trying to kill me for about 1.5 months now. (I told you: important!) It’s time to annihilate him! But I’m having some trouble.

We’ve tried three times to wipe him out, spill his guts,  and shoot ‘im to pieces. THREE TIMES!!! And 3 times we’ve failed. All is not lost I keep telling myself, a new battle plan is all that’s needed. Hopefully Charles and I will eventually separate… eventually.

Really, I’m just tired of him hanging around all the time, cramping my style. Super bugs from the Devil tend to do that you know. What? You haven’t figured it out yet? Mr. Chuck is my killer sinus infection. He used to be a lot more but, we’ve made him lose some weight. We said “Charles, you gotta cut back. You’ve gotten out of hand!”

Anyways. Charlie. Dear old Charlie. He’s like poetry: completely unnecesary yet he still exists  just to torture poor little college students like me for some crazy reason.


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