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January 13, 2009, 3:00 am
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Tomorrow I will be going back to school. Have I noted that I’m changing my major? It’s now… or soon to be I guess… Secondary Ed. in Spanish and French. So my schedule for next semester will change a bit for next semester:

  • French 1 (5 hours)
  • Advanced Conversational Spanish (3)
  • Spanish Composition and Grammar (3)
  • Speech 1 (3)
  • Intro to Ed. (0)
  • Human Development (3)

That’s a total of 17 hours. I will also be picking up more hours at “work”.

I’m looking forward to going back. Really, I am. I’m ready to be constantly exhausted, have a regular schedule, have my pizza for dinner every night again, get involved in my church, able to run errands with no questions asked at 10pm, etc.

What I am really looking forward to right now is getting some sleep. It’s been a long break and I’m tired. Let me give you some highlights:

  • I landed a job here
  • I learned what hard labor meant… 9 hours on your feet sucks
  • I worked approx. 100 hours over about 3.5 weeks
  • I created about 500-700 postcards: I hand fed each individual sheet of paper into the printer, cut them into quarters, highlighted a line on them, hand-addressed them, ran them through the postage meter, and stamped our return address on each. It was fun.
  • I read New Moon and Eclipse and got through about a quarter of Breaking Dawn.
  • I also read about 100 pgs of each Me and Mr. Darcy and Citizen Girl
  • I watched a couple of movies… and learned that you can totally watch Masterpiece Theater movies on PBS’s website. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

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