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November 29, 2008, 4:08 am
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Goodness, I am ready to go home. Not home, kansas city home… but home, college home.

Tomorrow we’ll get on the road bright and early. Well, it’ll be 8:30 so not that early. The drive will probably take a bit longer since we’ll be stopping by the Nordstrom’s Rack on the way back.

What is the Nordstrom’s Rack you say? It’s where all the stuff that didn’t get sold at Nordstroms goes to: like size 13 shoes! (which is what size I wear) We’s planning on getting some new shoes. Heck yes!

But I’m more excited about getting home. While in Kansas city I will be applying for a job at Panera… have I told you this already? I can’t remember. Anyways, I will bat my eyes and tell them that I’m a great employee and all that jazz and hope I get the job. Wish me luck!

Then I’ll go home and have about 2.5 weeks until I come back for Christmas… then it’s 5 weeks at home. I better get that job. It’s been way too boring around here- you know, not living with your best friends can be that way. I’d probably pull my hair out if I had to just sit around that whole time.

Speaking of hair, I’m off to go dry it then go to bed because I’m pooped.

Ok, one more story. The first time I heard the word “pooped” in the same context as above was when my aunt said that she was pooped. I was only about 3 or 4 at the time I’m guessing because I distinctly remember thinking, “gosh, you don’t look like poop.”


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I saw you commented on one of my blogs… I attended KU for a semester last fall but since have transfered to Fort Hays State University to do track again… I love the music in Aggieville (and KSU football) but also love KU basketball (but I don’t enjoy KU football). I guess that could be confusing.

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