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Eight Things
November 25, 2008, 3:02 am
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Saw this post idea over here this evening and decided I liked the idea and want to copy it.

Eight Things That I’m Looking Forward To

  1. Going home tomorrow
  2. Cycling class with Becca at my gym!!!
  3. Reading Twilight this week
  4. Seeing my cousins
  5. Eating turkey day food
  6. Time off from classes
  7. Not being afraid that my roommate will attack me in my sleep
  8. coming back to school in about a week.

Eight Things On My Wish List

  1. Chi flat iron
  2. Sling Box
  3. 2.5 more years plus some alcohol
  4. iPod movie maker/compressor/converter
  5. Nike stufffff
  6. A new ringtone
  7. a boyfriend
  8. an engagement ring

Eight TV Shows That I Watch

  1. CSI:
  2. House
  3. American Idol
  4. Kitchen Nightmere
  5. John and Kate plus 8
  6. Little People, Big World
  7. Fresh Prince
  8. Doug

Eight Things That I Did Yesterday

  1. Slept in
  2. Went to church
  3. Ate lots of chinese food
  4. Found honorary grandparents
  5. Study Chemistry
  6. Watch Made of Honor and The Producers
  7. Made green bean casserole in the microwave
  8. missed an important meeting

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Thanks for stopping by!

I finally broke down and bought a Chi flat iron a few months ago. It works SO MUCH better than the cheap drugstore variety I picked up years ago.

I still lack patience, though. I have a lot of hair!

Comment by merrymishaps

happy going home tomorrow day.

my parents arrive today.


that fact is as stressful as it seems 🙂

Comment by MizFit

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