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November 19, 2008, 10:00 pm
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I just want to scream. Stomp my feet, scream, and throw that 420+ page yearbook at something and say how it’s nothing with out the yearbook DVD. Should I back up?

In high school, junior and senior year, I was the co-editor of our school’s yearbook DVD. It was my baby. My senior year I started to hate journalism. Why? Because somebody wanted to implement a video section onto the school’s website. What did that mean? DVD’s 4 camera that often didn’t work had to be shared with about 10 more people than the normal 2. Plus, my other editor and were made to work on videos for the “Website”

Here’s the deal. DVD barely got finished. It turned out to be about half the size I wanted it to be. Website video sucked the life out of our equipment. And guess what. The website didn’t change at all after the 1st week of school. That means: all of our work wasn’t seen by anyone and the work that was supposed to be seen (DVD) suffered because of it.

Well, I had a nigthmere about DVD the other night. It was along the lines of how every story was formed around copyrighted music and it was near impossible to get it fixed and it didn’t look good enough and the last deadline was coming up and so on with the drama. So I sent a message to the girl who was supposed to be running DVD this year to make sure DVD hadn’t turned into a big fiery mass in the back corner of the journalism room never to be seen again. Guess what. IT HAS.

No more DVD. OMG, I’m pissed. How could our adviser let something like this happen. How?! All of the other high schools in my district are winning the top awards while… we don’t have one? All because website is so great.

Check it out. It sucks. They still have things from the beginning of the year. Where’s the video. When you find it, will it play correctly- no.

All that to get rid of my child, DVD.


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Let it go. Focus your energy on the future, not the past. It is much brighter ahead…

Comment by Dad

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