That Tall Girl

This probably needs a title, huh?
November 14, 2008, 3:48 am
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My, my, my, what a not-so-busy-yet-kinda-busy day. I’d love to elaborate but since I can’t, here’s the spark notes version minus some: sleep in, eat, clean, clean, wash dishes, shower, eat, exercise like a mad woman, eat, nap, participate in a study for the psych department, library, study???, waste time, get on the computer, and after this I’ll go home.

Home, like my dorm room. But I’m totally going home fo’ reals tomorrow with a friend from high school. So we’re splitting $2 gas on a total of a 240 mi road trip. That’s the way to go.

Oh man have I been hungry tonight. I totally stole some of my roommate’s food off her tray at dinner tonight. That’s what happens when you work out so much I guess.

I read somewhere about a marathoner’s 10 (lbs) this summer. At first I had my doubts, but now I totally believe it. Although I’m not experiencing it, despite my obsession with ice cream… it’s getting reeeaaal bad, I can see how I could were I to not watch the munching as much (even though I have been snacking chocolate like there’s no tomorrow)

Even with all this eating, I’m starting to get the outlines of abs. Actual abdominals. It’s kinda freaky. I guess that’s what excessive exercise does to you. And arms muscles, got those too. Deffinition between my hamstrings and quads, yep.

Ok, the librarians are looking over my shoulder wondering when I’m going to leave this place.

Peace. Love. Row.


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