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Twitter clarification
November 7, 2008, 8:55 pm
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I doubt any one you read my twitter box thing to your left, but if you do here’s an explanation to the pepper spray comment:

I usually do not leave at night with out my pepper spray. Since I go to the library about 3 nights a week I don’t know how I could forget it last night, but I did. I did the safe thing, like I normally do, and waited for the roomie to finish up with her tutor and walk back with me. Whilst walking home some crazy boys decided to whistle yell sing at/to me (she was in a parka, I in shorts and a hoodie- therefore we decided their comments were geared towards me). They went past about 3 times (they drove in cricles around the block) We decided next time we need to beat them up, since we have (strong) muscles now.

Hope that clears up any questions you might have had. I’m safe, home (actually at the library, close enough), and about to go meet up with some friends.

Have a fun and safe weekend!


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glad to hear you are ok. I was wondering what went on…

Comment by Mom

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