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I probably owe ya’ll an explanation…
November 3, 2008, 3:54 am
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I’m not sure if you realized or not the fact that I did not post one single… post… last week. There’s a simple explanation. I’m in college and I’m pretty much working a full time job (that tends to leave me exhausted) at the same time. Oh, and you can add into that getting over my bug and midterm stuff. Since I’ve been gone so long maybe you’d like an explanation:

  1. I went home last weekend because I was exhausted (and it ended up that I was able to do early voting- my first time ever!). I wanted to go home this weekend but chose not to, even though I could have carpooled for the 120 mi trip.
  2. I had my psych test on friday. I did fine (good enough to keep my A). But I was honestly more concerned with my…
  3. Spanish presentation. 8 minutes, all Spanish, over liberty and censorship in venezuela, argentina, and colombia. Did you know that Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, compared the jews to hitler and the nazis (because the jews were just causing that many problems there??)

This week should be a bit better.

  1. For one, I’m feeling 100% now I think. (Thats what I thought on thursday when I fell down whilst squatting with only 95 lbs)
  2. Two, no tests this week. I’ve got a paper due in psych, but thats the only major happening academically up in here
  3. Three, I can probably stop counting for you since there are numbers to the left… The roomie and I are hosting an election watch party. It should be fun. So far we’ve got 11 fo’ sho’s and 5 maybes and 12 haven’t responded
  4. The roomie and I are hosting a recruit. It’s going to be fun! We’ll hang out on friday, probably go to a movie with the rest of the recruits and their hosts. On saturday we’ll go to the regatta and then out to lunch! Can I get a Woo Hoo for free lunch?!

Now we’re watching George Lopez before bed. I was hoping for Friends… because I’m pretty sure thta show is amazing. Thanks a lot mom and dad for not letting me watch that when I was younger 😉

FYI my babies will poop alllll over me when I’m a mom. The rat got both my lap and butt covered in diarreaha. I’m cursed. I’m smelly. I’m gagging. Guess I need to do my laundry tomorrow.

Here’s to vintage Halloween candy… candy sticks

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