That Tall Girl

All this has led up to
October 25, 2008, 2:26 am
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… me going home. No joke, the past 2 weeks have made me want to start drinking. Nonstop tests and projects to prepare for, getting sick, not being able to sleep. All this has led me home.

After my 2nd doctor’s visit of the week, where I recieved a Z pak and an inhaler, I promptly got on the road… after a quick stop at WalMart for some frosted circus animal cookies.

Sidenote: the WalMart at school only sells those frosted circus animal cookies in individual packets all bundled in a box. I was quite dissappointed. No lie, I wanted to down like 30 cookies on my 2 hour trip home, but no. I got stuck with little bags of cookies that made me feel guilty. (Honestly, I was ravenous today. Losing 10 lbs in 7 days will do that to you)

Back to reality. I will not be exercising this weekend. I totally want to go see my fellow water aerobics women now that I am home, but I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be a good idea. All that is on my agenda for this weekend is to sleep, eat, watch movies, and go to nebraska furniture mart to scope out a toaster and another minifridge… And I might go get a massage. That sounds really, really, REALLY good right now.

Now I’m home and am glad to just sit down in a real chair and chill. The dog is especially glad to see me… or maybe she just wanted some soup. Either way she nearly fell a couple of times trying to bridge the gap between the ottoman and my chair.

FYI: it’s been homecoming week at my college this week. I haven’t gone to any of the activities. Zip, zilch, zero, nada. I’m even missing the game tomorrow (because I came home) for which I could have gotten in free to (just like any other game… fyi 🙂 ) And I’m missing the homecoming dance tonight. Hope the girls can have fun without me.

I take that back- I have witnessed ne out of the ordinary, possibly related to it being homecoming week, event. Today, as I was walking out of my 1:30-2:20 class, there was a group of people standing outside of their car, dancing to some retro 70’s music. All of them were wearing fake afro’s and shouting “Hey it’s funky friday! Have a good weekend!” They soon got back in their car and drove to the next crosswalk, only to begin it all again.

Peace out. Hope you had a funky friday. I’d going to bed.. a hopefully will not wake up for 15 more hours.


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