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“Drink Your Milk!”
October 10, 2008, 3:34 am
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Since a dead battery interupted my viewing of “House”, now disrupted by coding errors on the site, I will now be talking about nutrtion… because ultimately this is a fitness/health blog, even though it doens’t seem like it as of late.

I’m sure just about everyone’s mother told them to drink their milk while they were growing up. I know that mine did.

Within the last year or so I stopped drinking it as a way to cut calories, vowing to get my calcium in other ways than that nasty glass of moo juice at dinner. That promise was short lived and I was soon a calcium deprived teen. Oh, no.

Late this last summer I started to crave milk. It sounded yummy. I said no to chocolate and yes to some, ultimately, vitamin filled water. Now I have some skinny cow with every meal, in addition to my ice tea at every meal.

Now I’m getting crazy muscle cramps, like the ones where you hurt even after it’s subsided. Aren’t those supposed to come from a calcium defficiency? I guess not. The milk I drink comes from the cows I park next to (I’ve mentioned before that I go to an Ag. school, right??) The roommie swears I could be defficient on my potassium intake. And a lady at spinning thinks it’s because I’m not getting enough magnesium. All this boils down to is: I’m not eating properly.

What?! I eat so much food (that’s a post that I’ve been working on) I don’t know how I could be defficient on things. I make an effort to eat my fruits and veggies, although it’s usually canned fruit (juice drained) and salad for the most part.

Time for some revision. Step one, add a multivitamin. That’s easy. I mooched some Centrum off mi madre when I went home. It pretty complete from A to zinc so that should work well. Step two, (this one is harder) although I try to eat healthfully, I could probably do much better (as you will see soon). Like this morning, I had raisin bran instead of lucky charms and made a better effort to drain off the juice from my pineapple. I even wiped off a bit of the extra oil from my fried egg.

I’m hoping that with little changes like these my muscles cramps with go away and maybe I might not feel so tired (I’m suspecting an iron defficiency too… because I think I’ve come close to it before).

Well, here’s to a little experiment with a college student who just got a 40% error on her Chem lab.


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