That Tall Girl

Camera Cleanout
September 30, 2008, 12:55 am
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Since I kinda want to get these pictures off of my camera, this post shall be crazy.

The roommate’s feet after walking 1.5 mi on “city” streets.

Here’s bootsie and nibbles meeting each other. It’s quite a story. We were like 95% sure nibbles was pregnant. She had been acting like she was nesting and bit people when they reached into her cage. Plus her belly seemed a bit big. Well, she was just in heat. It’s was quite interesting when we put them together. Nibbles was like, come on, I hope you’re a boy.

Nibbles got hungry.

Saw this on my way to class today. (it’s TMNT by the way)

Me in 1974. Thanks to

Went to the Rec today. First time ever. Pretty fun. I worked out on the rowing machine. It had a good view of the basketball courts where there was a pick up game of shirts v. skins. The ergs (rowing machines) were in the midst of some weight lifting machines= lots of boys. It was funny, I could see them watching me in the glass (it’s reflective ya know). Eventually one of them got on another erg and promptly decided (20 sec later) that it wasn’t the exercise for him.

News on the tallness front- has to do with the above paragraph. When I stood up, you could tell some of them were shocked at how tall I was. And at dinner, someone (RIGHT next to me) was like “wow, tall people”. Am I another species??

Going home on friday. Right after class. Got a list of things to do. It’s like 2 pages long. Includes: things to bring, take, and buy.

And Tiger Balm officially smells better than Icy Hot.

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