That Tall Girl

Really, Monkeys?
September 26, 2008, 12:46 am
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I know all of you fellow bloggers love to look at the stats page for your blog. It is most definitely the most fun part of my day. Not really. Anyways… I find it entertaining to see what people search to find my page. For the most part it’s just randomness (’cause that’s how I roll, yo) and every once in a while you get a “tall girl, big butt” or something even more obscene having to do with butt’s. Ok, but today something caught my eye and made me laugh. Not just giggle, but honestly, truely laugh (since it’s one of my goals, home skillet… ok, gotta stop talking gangsta) Look at the last item on the following graphic:

Now, what information were they trying to find? Just answer me that.

Subject change! I have this narsty blister on the back of my heel. It keeps growing. It started yesturday when my sock came off the back of my heel in chem lab (wearing tennies) and got worse today during “work”. And i keep finding brownie pieces in my bed. (By the way, I’m working on a food journal project of sorts. It’ll be done in about a week. It should be intersting to analyze. You’ll be able to see how much I can eat to maintain)

Ok and one last thing. No pic for this one. I’m too exhausted. Gatorade: Carbohydrate Energy Formula. Calories:320. Carbs: 79g. Sugars 43g.

Battery- almost dead. good bye.


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