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September 16, 2008, 7:07 pm
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I’m not going to the rec today. I believe that I have good reason, too.

  1. I am on the tail end of a nasty cold
  2. My cough from that sounds… interesting
  3. I am sneezing up “things”
  4. Work was tough today
  5. And despite the fact that I took a nap this morning, I am still tired
  6. I have reading I should do
  7. I have reading I want to do
  8. My knees are sore… maybe not
  9. The only spin class they have interferes with 2-3 things I have to do tonight

Oh man, I couldn’t get to 10 reasons. Bah- still not going. But wanna know what #9 is about?? Yeah you do. We have our weekly floor dinner tonight, 5:30. I have campus ministry to go to tonight 7pm. And then I get to go to the library and study (with friends).

Maybe library boy will be there tonight. And yes, I know his name. It may or may not be like gym boy, who i still haven’t seen! There are many ___ boys around here:

  • Surfer boy
  • Elevator boy
  • Track Boy
  • __________ Baseball Boy*
  • Football Boy
  • Tall boy
  • Chemistry Boy
  • Cute Best Buy Boy
  • Breakfast Boy

Numbers 2, 4 and 9 (elevator, football, and breakfast) are not quite as significant in my life as the others, but still important.

*I can’t say the first part because I think that it would be too revealing of who he is- but there are the same number of spaces as there are letters, so feel free to guess.


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you and me both, Sister.

the cold.
no working out.

you better today?

Comment by MizFit

A bit. I’ve still been working out somewhat. Today I was able to pick up the intensity and had an awesome workout!

Comment by thattallgirl

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