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Just Another Manic… Saturday. Wish it were Friday?
September 13, 2008, 9:51 pm
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Although my cold is breaking up, ie my nose is running and i have a cough, I really just don’t feel well still. I want another day in my weekend. Probably the only way that would happen is if we got 2x the ammount of rain we got yesturday and the whole campus woulld be under like 5 bajillion feet of water. Not really.

But it did rain an incredible amount yesturday. I walked through puddles that covered the tops of my feet (while wearing flip flops- cuz it was warm out). My hair was absolutley drenched almost all day. In the morning it got wet, shower=wet, walking to class it got wet. I guess I should have gotten that umbrella from my car sooner than last night, when I went out to buy gas…

Before watching She’s the Man with some girls on my floor. Thats a cute movie. You should watch it if you have the chance. I think it’s about to be added to the entrance requirements here, that you have to watch this movie if youre a girl, right along with that 21 ACT score (out of 36).

And I did sleep in this morning. Totally skipped breakfast. Actually I had a cliff Z bar (my new fav. granola bars) then went over to a friend’s house to watch The Holiday and have lunch. We ended up going to the farmers market too, where I bought some apples. I got 7 medium sized apple for $1.25. Im totally going back there next weekend for my produce fix.

Now I need a nap. I am exhausted and it’s almost dinner time. Going to go take care of some basic human needs: sleep, food, and knowledge (studying for chem!)


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