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September 2, 2008, 6:36 pm
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After a shift at “work” I came back to my room to work on Espanol 4 homework. It took a lot longer than I was planning. I had to look up words- because I’m not back into my spanish loving/knowing groove yet.

Shower? Oh yah, didn’t get to that until 11. And it was a nice shower- 30 minutes (approx.). Hey, I’m not paying the energy bill. I’m still a bit stiff from this morning though, even after stretching out.

Ok. now the interesting stuff. I got dressed. Long bodied, leopard print ish, short sleeved blouse thing with jean shorts. The shirt kinda covered my shorts if I didn’t keep it in place. Is that why those boys were staring at my in the dining center? Or was it just the normal- imgoingtostare@youandnotsayawordcuzimtoochicken . Who knows.

We’re not carrying on the experiment at dinner tonight- I’ve changed into more comfortable clother: Tshirt and running shorts.

Off to work on Chem, baby.


**just a note: gymboy, you are more than welcome to stare at me while I’m in line at the dining center… really, anytime.**

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