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Wha Cha
August 31, 2008, 4:39 pm
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I am sad. Sad beyond belief. My roommate could have gotten FREE tickets to the American Idol concert WITH my beautiful future father of my children Jason Castro! And since she didn’t check her email… we missed out. The tickets were for floor seats too.

I guess i should be excited that we got super fantastic seats at the football game though. 20 yard line, 2nd row. Yep, I even got on the big screen. (And I got my tickets for a super discount) My first week at college and I’m famous- did I tell ya’ll about the person that recognized me at dinner- because of my “job”. Yeah, I know I’m awesome.

Before the game i had some gatorade- it looked so cool, I just had to take a picture of it for you:

And I took a picture of the firetruck that was at the dining center- the derb- cuz the fire alarms were going off. There is a bit of a reflection from the window since I took this from my window:

I don’t have a picture of my next adventure. But we got Jimmy John’s sandwiches for free last night. Haha, they were 1 hour late. We called- they gave us $20 of food free. Then we went and watch the first half of The Holiday- with Jude Law, Jack Black, Kate Winslet, blah blah blah. We had to turn it off though because the boys were falling asleep and we couldn’t have cohabitation- could we?!

I tried a church today with a couple roommaties. I liked the church- not the sermon. I think thats how we all felt. We’re going back next week because theres a BBQ afterwards (FREE FOOD!) for the college students. So we’ll check out the college ministry a bit.

Wha Cha- karate chop. You don’t have to use you killer self defense skills if you call *77 if an unmarked police car that pulls you over happens to be a rapist. Just call that numbr and the dispatcher will tell you if theres a police car in you area. My grandma sent me this email twice and my mom sent it to me once- it must be important.

I think I might make yellow submarine my theme song but change the boat to a kind of my liking- color and all!!! This shall make my early mornings much more interesting.


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