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August 28, 2008, 11:01 pm
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If you could only know how guilty I have felt not being able to update you on my extraordinarily fascinating life! I feel like I have abandoned each and every one of you for the last week or so due to the recent business of everything. Well, I am back and I have a few things to share (and a lot that I can’t say- but really really want to!)

Let’s do a recap of the last couple of days:

  • Friday: Move in day! Whahoo! I woke up at the norm: 8:30 and got ready like any other day. Mom eventually asked me to get moving. We packed everything that I had been hoarding in my room into the minivan and left for college. 2 hours later we’re in town and having lunch at Wendy’s. We met a retired prof. there… I think I’ve told you about this already! Anyways- I am going to try out his church this Sunday. After lunch we got checked in and all then worked on moving stuff in. Lots of stuff- but not as much as some people (omgosh!)
  • Saturday: Hung out with friends and moved stuff around. Just a very boring day in general. Well, I guess I did go to a church BBQ. It was small and we played some cool games… I feel like I’ve told you this already too! … but I’m too lazy to check.
  • Sunday: Got some meetings to go to. That I can’t tell you about… other than that they seemed to take up my day. Hung out with the roomie. She’s pretty cool (Hi!!!) But there’s kinda a time warp thing that happens when we go places together. It took us 30 minutes to walk to a meeting today. 30- isn’t walking around campus supposed to be easy?
  • Monday: 1st day of classes! Cool beans. Chem 1, Gen Psych, and Spanish 3- all from 10:30-2:20. Chem should be easy for a while. When I took it in h.s. I wanted to be a chemical engineer… not so much anymore, but I still have to take the class. In psych, I sit with at least one of my “co-workers”. By now I have seen about 10 people I went to h.s. with. Went to the book store (BUSY BUSY BUSY!)  tried to read some boring intro chem stuff and fell asleep.
  • Tuesday: After looking through the books that I got yesturday I decided to switch into Spanish 4- because I had already learned everything in Spanish 3 according to the syllabus and book. We ended up in a bit of a crisis though- I dropped down to 11 hours by doing that. We fixed is ASAP though. It’s all good now. This afternoon- since I don’t have classes on Tues and Thurs now (!!!) I went to Best Buy to exchange mi computadora porque the harddrive was bad. (I know- it’s not just me being picky, things are actually wrong with these computers) Cute Best Buy Boy- “CBBB” helped me out.
  • Wednesday: Went to the 1st day of real class and took real notes. I know, isn’t that cool? The Spanish prof talked a million miles an hour in Spanish. I was a bit intimidated at 1st but towards the end of class I was catching about 75-90% of what she said. Her hand motions really helped. I am going to learn SO much in that class- I’m super excited about what all will happen through that class. Oh and saw CBBB while walking to my 2nd class 😉 (haven’t seen gym boy yet 😦 ) By now I thought that I had seen everybody from my h.s. that was coming here…
  • Thursday: I was wrong- I saw 3 or 4 more people I hadn’t seen yet on campus. My roommates are beginning to wonder how many people i know. It’s gotten to the point where the people I’m seeing are like- wow, didn’t know you were coming here!- and the count is probably close to 30 or so… My 2nd day off. Woke up, did exciting stuff, came back, showered, studied, walked 20min to get my bike pass, walked 15min back. Studied, Went to A’s room with my suitemate. Then we went to lunch. I came back to A’s place and studied. Then M showed up- it’s her room too. We grabbed AH and went to the Union- where we saw CBBB again 😉 and a guy that looked like Sunshine/ sunnywhoever from Remember the Titans- the longer blonde hair. It was awkward- I looked over in AH’s general direction- eye contact, awkward! looked away-looked back to see what AH was doing- eye contact. Ok my story is done. I gotta go grab dinner, study, and do laundry/read. Then I will probably watch TV in the study room 2 doors down the hall- cuz it has cable. yeah, yeah.

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