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My new room!
August 24, 2008, 5:37 pm
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I finally have some time to sit down and tell/show you all about my room. It’s pretty roomy actually. I think it’s a bit bigger than my room at home maybe- and I’m always getting comments from friends about how large a bedroom i have.

The layout is room, bathroom, room. So the 2 rooms are connected by a bathroom (shower and stool- or toilet- I’m using plumbing terminology here (because I miss my old job!)). Each room has a little counter unit with a sink, drawers on each side, and a medicine cabinet.

This is the inside of my door.

It is held open by this

(because I am cheap and for the moment, this works. it’s glacier freeze/berry flavored btw)

Now I need you to turn 180*. your back is to my door. You will look over my desk and at my bed then see my window:

Next I need you to step closer to my window so you can see outside.

I have a nice view of employee parking! And of one of the coed dorms. Dad said I need to make sure that I close my blinds every so often, if ya get my drift 😉

Turn to your right. Your back will be facing my bed.

If you step closer to the sink there will be a door to the bathroom. I have stuff like this posted up there:

Ok, now you need to come out of the sinks area and face the door. Look at my lovely closet!

My stuff is on the right, and in my desk/dresser, and under my bed.

I’d tell you about my roommate- but that would include talking about my job. And I can’t talk about it. So sad. Because I’m loving it, and wish I could share all of the interesting things.


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