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TMI Haitus- Over For Now
August 20, 2008, 3:00 am
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And I guess you should be happy that I woke up after going to bed for 2.5 hours so that you could read about what I hinted about yesturday. (I woke up because I went to be bed at 6:10 because I was tired since I hadn’t been sleeping well and then my sister who I’m currently in a fight with decided to play music in the shower(RIGHT NEXT TO MY ROOM!) quite loudly. Pretty sure that was a run-on sentence. My early bedtime was probably also caused by me not feeling well. Here’s my story:

I done got hypotension my junior year(spring 2007). Yeah, go try to find info on that on the web. It pretty much sucks. I hate it. Want to know what was the deciding factor in my diagnosis- me standing up for 40 minutes then passing out (all at the Dr.’s office).

Some of the other symptoms are:

  • frequent headaches/migraines
  • dizziness upon standing up (like seeing stars or blacking out frequently)
  • skin becomes very sensitive to the touch- we’re talking pain
  • irritability
  • somewhat swollen feet
  • weakness
  • not able to concentrate
  • nauseaous

So what does this mean? It means that my way super stressed out BP from the other day was 100/68. It means that to keep up my BP I need to drink a lot of water and consume MASSIVE amounts of salt. Like we’re talking so much salt on my food I can feel the graininess of it. Plus taking salt tabs (but I don’t like these because they taste naystay and upset my tummy)

Normally I wouldn’t talk about all of this, but I felt it was needed since I tend to vere this blog towards the fitness/health category. There is a terrible stigma that surrounds salt- and I used to buy into it. But I can’t anymore (like really, it’s ridiculous). Anyways, it just kinda sorta bothers me that everybody is all “salt is the devil in disguise, out to get you and your precious little heart too. muahaha

So I am supposed to grow out of this. Or at least I should according to my doctor. Then again I might not grow out of this. Plus there’s the whole genetic predisposition towards a low BP. Lovely.


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