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Mama Mia

Here we go again… mom keeps complaining about me 😛 . Guess what she told me? She said, “I bet half my problems will leave with you.” I know she’s joking but what’s a girl to do about major personality shifts that need to be finished in 2 weeks and 2 days (the time until I move into my new dorm room)? I could give you a list, but nothing in this world could get me to change. Nah, I was just joking, mom. I got you good though, haha.

Well, I guess that I might change my attitude if it meant that Dell would listen to me. Holy smokes, I actually tugged on my hair after I handed the phone over to dad, since I had alrerady haggled with technical support for 83.1 minutes. He managed the other 21.9 minutes. That’s right folks: a total of 105 minutes talking with Sam from India, where she learned english from “the start of school”.

Want to know what I was talking about with her? She said it was all things I should have talked to Dell about 2 months ago when I got this computer. Wthell. I am u p s e t.


Ok, onto happier topics… I got asked out recently (this hasn’t happened since 10th grade when/and I got stood up). By a complete stranger. Actually, his name is Jim; I know this from leaving him an angry voicemail after he called me twice (!!!) at 1 in the morning. He called me back soon saying over and over again how sorry he was. I told him, after at least 2 minutes of him repeating himself about his sorrifulness/sorrow, that he was forgiven. He called back 40 minutes later and told me “hey, I should probably make it up to you, for waking you up and all, and take you out to dinner sometime”. I said that wasn’t necessary. Miss A from work said that he probably meant, “make out with you” instead of “make it up to you”. I think she probably would have been right (oh no!).

Did you read about the recent study linking hott people to hott voices (yes, this is related)?? Well, not only did Jim sound like he was at least 30, he sounded, well, unatractive- but maybe that was because he was asking me out, him being an obvious creepster (btw I have an attractive voice to go along with my good looks so I KNOW this study is true 😉 ).

I guess there is the fact that I’m pretty sure that I attract wierdos. They tend to follow me in Wal-Mart especially. And honk their horn at me while I’m riding my bike in the park. And hit on me while I’m with my dad. And now they ask me out despite the fact that  I’m probably 2 feet taller than them.


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Too funny!

I definitely know women who are weirdo-attractors, and from what I can tell they tend to be pretty nice people.

Strangely enough, I rarely have weirdo problems. Being a born grouch seems to help.

Comment by Crabby McSlacker

wait—-are you serious about the study?!


Comment by MizFit

Cranky- i can be both a grouch and an angel. i dunno what to think of my situation. maybe it’s all because i’m kind of a nerd (i am a microbiology major and all- and it’s totally because I love learning about biology)

MizFit- totally- i read about it on yahoo probably a month ago. I think they concluded that defining “hott” was subjective and that you can’t really tie a hott voice to a hott bod.

Comment by thattallgirl

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