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August 1, 2008, 10:35 pm
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Sorry, couldn’t resist the Oklahoma puns. Despite the fact that I live in Kansas, I am not a southern girl. I have been making quite a few “southern realizations” lately. My fav: the little girl in front of us in line at the grocery store, about 6yo, was wearing a pink cowboy/cowgirl hat. Haha.

While I was at the grocery store I picked up a magazine. Thank you mom! Here it is with all my blogging stuf- minus my camera which is taking the picture. Yah, thats a water bottle; it’s critical to blogging!

This next portion isn’t going to flow well: a.ka. things will be jumpier than a mosh pit.

When we went out to lunch, there was a guy sitting at a table in front of us wearing a Georgia Tech (south!) Crew (rowing!)  Tshirt. I made mom pose for me (she was facing me) while I took his picture. I know, I’m one sneaky girl.

I went to Body Works this morning. OOOOOOOOOOMG, I am so glad I have my gym back at home. When I walked in the door for this place, I wouldn’t even call it a psuedo-gym, the people there didn’t even tell me where things were at. For a second I seriously thought that had no cardio equipment. Then I saw it: old treadmills and even older recumbant bikes (EW!). OK, what ev. I know I ran yesturday and it wouldnt be good to run again with trying to get over shin splints and all.  Then IT happened. I almost fell off the treadmill. Luckily the handlesbars extended 2 feet past my butt (?) and I caught myself. Not without escaping the view of B’s coach who was running next to me. Oh, my, that was embarassing. Fine, lets finish my mile, then go to the bikes. None of them worked. Calm down, I did some abs and called my mpm to pick me up, oh boy, that was like my pre drivers license life all over again!


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jumpier than a mosh pit—I old. but you always make me laugh.

Comment by MizFit

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