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July 28, 2008, 2:50 am
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Shark week has officially started up in herrre. Despite my voiced opinion on all things fishy -except if it’s on my plate- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

What’s on right now? Mythbusters: Shark Style. That’s my kind of science- how to make sure you dont get eaten by sharks!

I totally adore all thing marine biology related. In fact, I would be a marine biologist if it didn’t mean that I’d have to get in the water! I had a hard enough time swimming in the lake with the river sharks last year.

Tune to 44 secs to see some um, bad news??? regaurding sharks.

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Watching the discovery channel you would think that a reef shark is the most dangerous creature in the world. I can tell you this – they are great fun to photograph. I invite you to check out some of my photos.

Remember, when you see a video of a guy in a shark cage surrounded by the “man eater”, there is a guy outside the cage shooting the film. The animals are not as dangerous as they are portrayed in order to get the great ratings.

Sharks kill far fewer people than soda machines do. Or bee stings. Or lightning. Or coconuts falling from trees. Of course, soda machines being tipped on top of people shaking them does not scream “ratings!” and so its hard to make a documentary about unlucky people who die in that manner. And bees are so tiny its not really interesting.

So few people are killed by sharks that its a wonder there is any interest in the topic. The media blows everything out of proportion to make a story. Witness Ryan Seacrest’s bemoaning the fact that he stepped on a baby shark and was bitten. What a wuss.

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