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July 24, 2008, 2:23 am
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I’m pretty sure that I have howler monkeys in my backyard. Now not only have the cicadas come out, but so have the primates! Even Annie (the dog) noticed the strange noises. Although some people might say the noises sound like birds, I’m convinced I live in a jungle similar to that of Peru! despite the fact that I live in the ‘burbs.

Maybe Anthony has had too much influence upong my life. Maybe it’s my inner self talking to me: “You want to live in a jungle. Being surrounded by howler monkeys is just what you’ve wanted since the 1st grade when you first learned about them. Jungles are cool. Go find a jungle!”

Find a “jungle” I did. Part of the reason I’ve been outside lately is to water the neighbor’s plants… which is more like a jungle. A very pretty jungle. Despite the fact that I’m now covered in chigger and mosquito bites, the first of which is mainly right along my sports bra “seams”, I look forward to going and spending time watering and hanging out in the jungleness of their backyard. Heck, they even have hibiscus flowers back there.

Well, now my week of watering the jungle is coming to a close, although those chigger bite will remain at least another weel, and I’m kinda sad that it’s going to be over. I’m especially going to miss watering the pot of herbs, which smell like spaghetti sauce when I water them. Or maybe I’m going to miss the tower of potted flowers. Even though I can’t decide what my favorite part of the jungle is, it has made me realize that I want one when I’m older. A big, pretty jungle- minus the monkeys.

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