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July 23, 2008, 3:02 am
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TMITuesday is being revisited after a short hiatus- but is not back in full since I have something else I’d rather talk about… I think? Therefore, this post will be divided:

Just warning you, I’m going to sound like Debbie Downer- who showcases her personality below, for your information/viewing pleasure:

I talked to  my grandma today. The only living one that is. We had such a lovely conversation. Despite the fact it was 45 minutes long, time just flew by. Mainly we talked about college. As we were closing the conversation she reminded me how much she loves me a how she’s praying for me. She noted that my other grandma would have been praying for me (if she were still with us).  Tears filled my eyes for the first time in 2 months (possibly pms related).

I thought I was doing so well with the whole; dontyoudaregetdepressedbeforecollege thing. I guess not, because really, thats how I was feeling all day today.

Here’s something more interesting/less melancholly:

**edited out**


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