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I’m Late, I’m Late! (but not really)
July 17, 2008, 6:44 pm
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The plan was to start my food diary today. But I’m a slacker… and don’t have anytime to make a new blog between the nap I need and showering and going to work- yes it’s almost 2pm. Let’s just say I’m enjoying the dog days of summer (Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown have been keeping me company for the last couple of hours).

I have the pictures of my food and everything! Summer and time management don’t go well together for me- I was also planning of going to the pool 40 min. ago to swim laps and read. Procrastination has struck again- this is cutting into my nap time! Nobody wants a grouch at work, do they?

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as always you make me laugh and recall my youth 🙂

I LOVE anthony. have you read his books?

Comment by MizFit

I haven’t read them yet- but totally plan to. I found one of them at borders about a month ago- but my dad wouldn’t buy it for me 😦 . So I guess I need to go to the library, huh?

Comment by thattallgirl

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