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Hello Mr. Turtle
July 16, 2008, 2:33 am
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Hello, Mr. Turtle. I wish that I could say I found you on a run this evening. But… I didn’t. Instead I found you because my dog was intent on eating your scrumptious toes. Now here you are, my sister holding you, hoping that you won’t scratch her- or maybe that was mom talking. O.k. back outside you go. Look fireflies! But I’ll get chiggers if I try to catch some. Good bye, Mr. Turtle

**Most of this post is making fun of my mommy dearest, so don’t worry if it sounds funny. Sorry it’s not TMI Tuesday. Nothing personal has happened in the last week**

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Waves @ the turtle and wonders if her LIFE isn’t sometimes one big TMI Tuesday 😉


Comment by mizFit

Cute turtle! Glad you saved its toes from the dog. A toeless turtle is a sad thing.

Comment by Crabby McSlacker

Well, honey, it’s just the nurse in me that comes out sometimes…by the way, Wash your hands!!!!!!

Comment by mom

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