That Tall Girl

July 10, 2008, 2:41 pm
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Oh man. I dont know what to blog about- thats why i didn’t write anything yesturday. I could talk about all of the dorm stuff I’ve gotten. I could talk about how I managed to miss 2 different classes at the gym this morning. I could talk about how I dont really feel like going to the gym- or doing anything for that matter. I could say something about going to work this afternoon- except I try not to talk about work here. Well, maybe I’ll just say the good- because I really like my job and am really going to miss it when I go off to college.

Ok, I work in the office of a plumbing/septic/drain cleaning place. My duties: file a huge amount of invoices: paid, billed, and golds, answer phones, tell the techs where to go, pull checks occasionally, i did some parts stuff on tuesday, fill out coupons, quality check calls, etc.

Oh, I have this huge, nasty blister on my heel. That just adds to my gym dilema. Even if I put tape over it it still rubs against my shoe. I went to spinning yesturday so I dont really feel like going today- but there isn’t a class I can go to.

Oh I guess thats one thing i dont like about my work schedule: I have to work until 7 on thursday night. I have to miss my thursday night classes 😦 . I guess I cant really complain because I like the money my job brings in- like REALLY like the money.

I am huuungry. My breakfast just didnt fill me up. I think I’ll get a kashi roll bar.

I just really like it.


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