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Hey, Hey! I Might Stick with This.
July 8, 2008, 5:22 pm
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giants having too much fun, i guess

TMI Tuesday anyone?? I dont think that this week’s post will be as… um… personal as last week’s- but it still is TMI :p . Today’s topic: Bras.

It’s a love hate relationship, really. Let me just say that I officially hate my bras with underwire. They poke me and are stiff. They are not very convinient for lounging around because they don’t let you move… But let me add that I used to love them back during freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year… well i guess it’s just recently that I have started to hate them :/

Even though there is an extreme hatred between us (the bra and me), they are still necesary. I don’t think It’s would be very comfortable wearing a blouse w/o one. And running? One word: OUCH!

And since I have been doing a lot more running lately, I’ve been wearing sports bras more often. My conclusion: the next best thing to going au natural. That is why I’ve been pretty much living in them recently… along with other articles of clothing of course 😉

So I guess we should get to the styles of bras i like. I have pretty much completely switched over to the Hanes Sport bras- 2 for $8 baby! I’m cheap and they have enough support for me.

I suppose I could ask what kind of bras you all like- but that would be kind of personal, huh?


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