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So Itchy!
June 25, 2008, 3:37 pm
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My hair is so itchy against my sunburn!!! Plus I feel like posting a picture of myself. Vain? Maybe. Self-centered? A bit. Bored? Definitely.

Going to the gym soon. I need to get out of my laziness rut. Today’s plan: go to gym: run and lift. Go home: eat lunch. Go to the pool: swim laps! Go to the dentist: have 2 baby cavities filled (I hate it when sealants fall off!) Depending on how I feel after that… I don’t know what I’ll do. Tonight I’ll try to go with B and Mom to bball practice. B’s team is fun to watch.

I have never played basketball; i didn’t like it much. Actually, I played recently in P.E. (like 2 years ago) and made a basket for the other team. Hey, no one told me that it matters what basket you throw the ball in! Maybe I should take that basketball class at *edited out*. That way I could be able to play on a rec team in the future. Ok. That’s a plan.

I may not have my whole day planned- but I sure can plan my life.


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Yeah Im asking.
how was the GYM?!


Comment by MizFit

So, miss lazy butt…. It’s 3:30 and you haven’t been to the gym yet. (she did swim laps at the pool for an hour)
love, Mom

Comment by Mom

MizFit: let me answer that in a post :). it’s too much to say right here!

Comment by thattallgirl

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