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My BPM Just Went Up
June 25, 2008, 11:40 pm
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Or in more common language: “I think my heart just skipped a beat” when I saw gym-boy putting the volleyball net up while I was running on the track (that is above and surrounds the gymnasium). I might have to confess to you that he is the reason I ran for 20 minutes straight (the whole running thing is still new and exciting!). Watching him is deffintely on my decadence list. So Is talking to him, which i did for like 2 minutes on my way out of the gym (it was about volleyball last night and how not-fun it was- he has such a cute smile!)

After running I went to lift weights. It’s always a bit akward when almost every college age guy has his eye on me the whole time. (Is it flirting if I make eye contact several times :p ?) Soon I ran into a mom and her kids that have been in my sisters’ classes. O (my sisters) and JR (the boy) used to have a crush on each other. I think he’s kinda cute for a 14-15 year old. But not as cute as those college boys 😉

Speaking of boys. There were a couple of guys that kept interupting my swimming laps at the outdoor pool. I didn’t quite feel like having them even near me since I’m pretty sure that my swimsuit doesn’t cover my chest area very well when I swim in a horizonal manner. I check often and it’s ok, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Any suggestions for the swimsuit dilema? A new suit isn’t an option since this in the longest-in-the-body one piece that I could find (that didnt make me look “big”)

*** A nike+ graph to come soon. I’m too lazy/I dont feel well enough to go upstairs now

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Im all about the boybeater (white) all the time on top of the bathing suit.
but Im not stylin’ so you should probably take someone else’s advice!

(love that he’s on your decadence list)


Comment by MizFit

Actually, I did something similar with a cami over my swimsiut in my aqautics class last semester at school- it was more of a “I don’t want those boys to see my stomach” issue since I was wearing a tankini. I might just have to go back to that method 🙂

Comment by thattallgirl

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