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House v. Car Blah
June 25, 2008, 2:59 am
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Today I didn’t go to the gym because I was too lazy 😦 But I went tonight with the sister and the dad. I talked to gym boy a lot tonight- to make up for the fact that I havent seen his gorgeous face in like 2 weeks. Our conversation didnt stray far from the topic of there being volleyball at the gym tonight.

On our way out the door my dad tells me, “Well, He’d really dilute the race.” My mom and grandma have this thing about “diluting the race” since we’re really tall if we married short people it would balance out the tallness in the kids. B thinks he’s too short for me too. Maybe he’s like 5’10? I’m 6’3. Big difference? Not too bad.

In the car dad gave us the talk about how we need to… ahh this is boring.

I bought gas today. Almost $51 !!!

-Maybe I’ll be more in the mood for writing tomorrow. George Lopez has my attention right now.

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dilute the race.

that’s so funny AND for some reason I love families with their own inner/secret language.

tight bonding I guess—-which reminds me of my own.

Comment by MizFit

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