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In Remembrence of Kelsey Smith
June 10, 2008, 2:03 am
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You may remember the whole deal with Kelsey Smith being abducted from a Kansas City (actually Overland Park) Target about a year ago. When it happened I was in the process of spending about 8 weeks with my grandpa in Washington state so I don’t think that the full ffect of this whole thing completely hit me.

I remember the first time I heard about it. I was in Payless (getting some sandals before I left town) and a girl that had graduated the previous year came in the store with a flyer and asked several people if we had seen the girl. No one had. The rest is history I guess.

A week or two ago was the 1 year anniversary of all of this going down and it has been hard. She was getting graduation presents because she had just graduated from Shawnee Mission West.

It’s been interesting lately since I’m as old as she was when this happened. It has caused me to be much more careful about where I go and that I tell people my departure and arrival times.

I went to that Target today. It was really hard walking in those doors for the first time since the event. I took the boys that I’m babysitting for (and a friend) because their grandma had given them some money. And they found money in my car. Almost $3. They bought slurpees :). Oh boy, did I watch them carefully while there. I don’ think I will be going to that Target much more.

I guess I should end this on a good note (if I can): Thank you for making me more aware of my surroundings. Thank you for helping me and a bunch of other girls figure out how to protect outselves. You have made a difference in my life for the good- even though I didn’t know you.

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